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Okay, so as you all have been following my blog and keeping track I’m constantly stalking time and doing a million things which then leaves me with very little time to read what everyone else is writing and doing – since my eye tends to squint when it needs to adjust to the screen or any light (much like my cats but they don’t squint and naturally adjust to light, since they aren’t victims of technologically advanced gadgets that affect our brains and eyes directly)

Nevertheless, before I share my stuff I would just like to let you all know – that if there is a post of yours that you feel I would enjoy reading and connect PLEASE do tweet it to me so I could read it. I’ve not found a way yet to keep track of so many of my online friends and supporters but until I do – do bear with me. I’ve kinda married to my work and been completely focused on the 60 kids at school.

So here’s one article now published on Youth Ki Awaaz on how Mental Health Care in India needs to change (and around the world actually) cause I hold society as the main support system here. A blurb of it:

My question remains: What are you going to do about this rise of mental health and all of these other strangers in the asylums around the country? They were once someone’s friend, child or parent. Now they have no home and only a place that treats them worse than…( I have no words for it.)


If you haven’t visited my school blog, please do CLICK HERE  there is much to be updated as always in terms of vlogs, writing, pictures, etc. But I only have 2 hands (still) 😀


and a little bit of sudden spurts that happen with me:


(Quote from Alice in Wonderland. Image source here)

Sometimes there should be nothing and no one, she said.
But you’re here.
That’s cause you’re in front of the mirror, she replied.

I fell asleep when she hit the lights.
Now we’re finally together.

‪#‎TheSchizophrenist‬ ©Reshma Valliappan 2016

I hope your weekend is going well! Peace & Colour from me and my imaginary friends.

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I got mentioned by someone I admire!

I stumbled across this post yesterday while I had to search for some links of mine to give someone else. It reads ‘The Importance of being Reshma Valliappan‘ (missing a ‘p’ in it)

It caught me by surprised cause I have yet not read The importance of being earnest’.

The writer Mr. Randhir Khare is himself someone I personally and silently admire. [ I don’t need to social media all of those I look up too. I think they just know it ]

And as the universe would have it, I was going to be visiting his gallery Gyaan Adab the same afternoon. When I mentioned the article to him, he just said [ like any other ninja would ]  “I like leaving stuff there and have it be discovered by itself”

So I leave you to read his piece. He is one of the few people who I could say has known me for 10 years now, watched me and work at different times and can keep me engaged with his stories or talk without me getting bored. [which happens most of the time with me if I had to listen to another]


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Death anxiety

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2



There are souls that stink
I can smell them from mile
The deceits and lies
Make me curl my necrophile

–  The Schizophrenist

Image and words ©Reshma Valliappan


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Redefine madness and celebrate it!

Happy Monday to all of you.

I am caught between a million things at the attempt of reducing them to 100 and then to 10. Hence, I haven’t had time to write at all. Thus sharing my social media status instead. 🙂

“I hear voices not because I’m schizophrenic. I hear voices because some of them are damn sexy and I’m not going to share em’ with you.” – ©Reshma Valliappan

(for those who can’t view the Facebook Plugin embed, including me!)

For those who can:

“I hear voices not because I’m schizophrenic.
I hear voices because some of them are damn sexy and I’m not going to share em’ with you.”

– #TheSchizophrenist ©Reshma Valliappan #redefiningmadness

Posted by Val Resh on Sunday, July 17, 2016

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What can life teach you?

Here’s my Tedx Talk at Christ University, Bangalore that was in February 2016.

You will have to bear with the breathing you can hear and sudden digressions that I made (which does happen in normal conversations) but this was caused by a boiling fever I had that very day. I was almost not going to give the talk as others were more worried about how hot my head and body got. Hence, the heavy breathing, pauses and in between sniffs happened on stage as I had to find clarity in what I needed to deliver.

But shit sells anyway 🙂 all puns included!