Interview on Astro Vinmeen Vbuzz Malaysia

I’m back in my country after 5 years with a bang. Will have to update this post about the interview for my friends who are deaf. If anyone would like to volunteer to do it for me so do let me know then I can copy paste it or reblog it for them.

Do ignore my make up! It’s my first time having it and probably my last time with it as my smile seems plastered.

‘I’m an alien sent to Earth to spread love through madness’: Val Resh

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Source: ‘I’m an alien sent to Earth to spread love through madness’: Val Resh

My online interview on twitter with folks from Disability & Sexuality blog.

the voice behind The Red Door

Here is my Ashoka Fellow profile on Civil Society Online – if you would like to know more about the work I do:

Though there is a missing footnote from The Red Door regarding statistical numbers on diagnosis. We don’t believe that is 36% of the population having depression or for that matter any other mental illness having a valid number. This is because we are aware about the severe malpractices, misdiagnosis and diagnostic tools that are failures in the understanding of human emotions and diversity.

If you would like to read other articles on me it is available on this tab:NEWS

The Personal is Political

Here is an article published in Cafe Dissensus (we dissent) which highlights the irony of the Mental Health system.