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I got mentioned by someone I admire!

I stumbled across this post yesterday while I had to search for some links of mine to give someone else. It reads ‘The Importance of being Reshma Valliappan‘ (missing a ‘p’ in it)

It caught me by surprised cause I have yet not read The importance of being earnest’.

The writer Mr. Randhir Khare is himself someone I personally and silently admire. [ I don’t need to social media all of those I look up too. I think they just know it ]

And as the universe would have it, I was going to be visiting his gallery Gyaan Adab the same afternoon. When I mentioned the article to him, he just said [ like any other ninja would ]  “I like leaving stuff there and have it be discovered by itself”

So I leave you to read his piece. He is one of the few people who I could say has known me for 10 years now, watched me and work at different times and can keep me engaged with his stories or talk without me getting bored. [which happens most of the time with me if I had to listen to another]


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Death anxiety

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2



There are souls that stink
I can smell them from mile
The deceits and lies
Make me curl my necrophile

–  The Schizophrenist

Image and words ©Reshma Valliappan


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Support Art and a cause?

I’m thrilled to share that I got into the Tarmac SF program this year as a woman social entrepreneur to take The Red Door project and introduce it to the city of San Francisco to return with learnings from there to implement in India!

You can have a look at it here:

Though, Mind Arcs didn’t get the sponsorship cost and I’ve to take my assistant – co worker who will be joining in after he completes his degree in UK. We have a sub-total of USD($) 5,200 to cover our cost for the program. The total cost inclusive of our tickets, visa, ground work will be USD($)7000 approximately.

In order to raise the funds required, I am holding an online art exhibition of my work and taking in commissioned work. Anything extra will also cover our other project through Inside Out to change the way we look at Mental Illness –…/redefiningmadnes…/

You can find a collection of my work at my art blog:

If you are interested in commissioning any work on paper, my base price is INR 6,500/- which means the final cost will be more depending on how much work is involved. I do recreate certain pieces (there cannot be an exact replica) My oil collections are unavailable but I can recreate them differently.

Other works that are already completed are being prepared for my exhibition in June. Those cross over INR25,000 as a percentage of sale has to go to the gallery. You are free to book your piece at a deposit and it will be in your hand after the exhibition when the full amount is paid.

There are prints available between INR1000-3000/-.

PLEASE email me at: with a link to the artwork you are interested in. I cannot keep track of request over facebook or any other social media. You can message me to check my email of course!

Note: Your money has value and so does my art. Therefore please avoid asking me for a discount when the very sales are going to be used for supporting charity work. I am not asking you to donate but to buy. [Buy art from live artist. The dead don’t need your money] You know where your money is going!

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I do many things…

Another round of updates…

Here’s some music created:

AND here’s some art added:

I’ve got to find a better way to share ALL my stuff on one space including my work with THE RED DOOR!

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Redefining life – Uncovering Madness

Lexicon_1A short article published in an online magazine called Lexicon. The artwork on their front page is The Stranger. A 30″ X 30″ Oil on Canvas I painted in 2012.