the voice behind The Red Door

Here is my Ashoka Fellow profile on Civil Society Online – if you would like to know more about the work I do:

Though there is a missing footnote from The Red Door regarding statistical numbers on diagnosis. We don’t believe that is 36% of the population having depression or for that matter any other mental illness having a valid number. This is because we are aware about the severe malpractices, misdiagnosis and diagnostic tools that are failures in the understanding of human emotions and diversity.

If you would like to read other articles on me it is available on this tab:NEWS

Music out of annoyance

Ever since I have returned from the side-event at the UN office in Geneva – my memories have been vibrating at many levels. It owes itself to extended versions of things that happened at camp. So I am calling my album BootCamp. Though this is just the first track called FirstBeats (cause I can’t think of any other name for it). If you got a better one do let me know!

Hope you like listening to the insides of my head thru music!

The Personal is Political

Here is an article published in Cafe Dissensus (we dissent) which highlights the irony of the Mental Health system.

My Mail Arts Are Back!

My mail arts are now back with a little spin.

First read about the beginning of it here:

Now here’s the spin: Add a page of my book to that…and what you get is artist & author combined Mail Art.
Since I love ripping stuff, it’ll be a randomly selected page or 2 from my own book Fallen, Standing; My Life As A Schizophrenist – which I am myself trying to complete reading it.
Over that – I shall sketch or doodle & will post it to you at just INR500 (this is inclusive of postage, art work, page)

Then stalk me on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter to track your order. Receive it and VOLLA – you get 2 parts of me. (you can always invite me over and get more 😀 )

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Friday Madness

Hey all! It has been quite a while since I blogged as I have been travelling quite a bit for work & revamping many things.

Also, the second part of my book is in process, I am back in college to complete my left over credits since I am a part time student, my comic work is in process with a friend, and I have a research paper to submit. This only covers 1/4th of what I really do.

BUT – I hope you all are having a marvellous time. I know many friends are going through highs & lows which I do feel but much has been going on in my life in the area of healing and now I call it ‘Happy Mad’ – where the room for feeling low or experiencing suicidal feelings don’t occur any longer. And for that I thank the universe for blessing me.

To celebrate this and my constant hyper active states I chose to make everyone feel happy and just engage in pure nonsense. Quite honestly I don’t believe in being serious. It is necessary for certain things in life but I believe that it is because of seriousness that we experience pain. And life can be so much easier and stress free if we don’t have to experience it seriously – but just with laughter and nonsensical states.

The video below is by Cookie Monster who comes alive in my room when I am not around and then he sits and does all kinds of stuff. That is why there is no ‘stage’ as he does use my room. Some possession trip this fellow is on. I wonder if he has been smoking pot when I am not in town. Presenting the new Yogi in town!