WELCOME TO VAL RESH’s official BLOG! Don’t be confused with her WEBSITE though. The website gives you a glimpse of what her multiple avatars have done (The Writer, The Artist, The Protagonist, The Speaker – (The Mime, The Martial Artist & The Healer are excluded for whatever alter ego reasons otherwise not specified by the author herself)

The blog offers you a weekly or monthly blogpost (as per the writer’s mood), the art gallery, art catalogues, and merchandize list. All accounts are connected to her social media where she is also reachable but there is no guarantee if she ever really is reachable. It is all a matter of her present state of existence.

A little yakkity yak on her art:

“Most of my artwork have been created at different periods in my life. Some of these works exist and some do not, while some continue existing. You may notice differences in all my styles. This is because at different points in my life, I am a different person. And this different person creates what she or he has to create to deal with that particular trauma or experience. We all have different hats and masks. Mine might be a bit more exaggerated and thus becomes a disorder. Who does not experience the same?…yet with certain differences.

So this is how my art evolves into being what it is. Sometimes abstract, sometimes graphic, sometimes a cartoon, sometimes a mixture of all…quite like our varied human emotions, thoughts and experiences which constantly changes every nanosecond.

…by the end of this sentence I already am a different person”.

“in her spare time, the artist is a well-integrated schizophrenic ghost who also dances the Tandav in thunderstorms and occasionally rides lightning bolts with Thor…” – by a friend


Enjoy what you see and see what you enjoy.

Due to an increase in workload, Val has closed her art blog and hasn’t been writing much these days!

The best way to be updated about Val’s recent work is by following her ART PAGE and her MIME PAGE.

Val also runs The Red Door and most of her daily engagements take place in the closed group as she doesn’t have time for more.

You can always post a question for Val to answer and she shall leave a reply behind when she isn’t doing the million things that she is doing. If it is too personal feel free to CONTACT her directly but do understand that she is always doing something and most often not getting paid for it. Val does volunteer her services at Saathi Haath Badhana , Pune on the first Tuesday of every month and conducts Hang Out with Art on the fourth Saturday of every month. Do check out their calendar for the schedule.

If you wish to have tea with her and some mad fun do catch her floating about Gyaan Adab Centre , Pune on the first Wednesday of every month from 4.30pm – 6.30pm. There are no promises on meeting her though as Val’s always on the move.

If you wish to stay updated on all her activities, monthly schedule, workshops, conferences and work around The Red Door then subscribe to the newsletter here.

Peace, Colour and Magic!

17 thoughts on “HOME

  1. I met you at the conference (Pleasure Politics and Paagalpan) and we spoke briefly. I was floored by your confidence and stage presence, I am now totally blown away by your creativity and wit. I hope to be able to connect with you in some way. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, was told that id need medications for life but the meds did not appeal to me and i have brought myself to a point of stability on my own using my own spiritual path to guide me. Would love to share experiences with you on that and other topics. Hoping for another meeting with you sometime…. Love and best wishes..

    1. Thank you mate! Great to know another soul on the same path. Perhaps our journeys will bring us together again and we can chat sometime. I can never tell where I am next and I honestly don’t like meeting up or socializing much actually so I wait for conferences to do it. Peace, Colour & Magic to you

  2. Fallen, yet to stand.
    This is how i can describe myself.
    I suffer from Bipolar Disorder since past 10 years and at one time thought of writing a book. I am glad you actually did that. I am inspired by your efforts. Looking forward to more inspiration.

    1. Thank you Sparky!
      We are all standing. Sometimes we need a long break and a fall means ‘lie down and rest’. 🙂
      Stay in touch and all the best with your writing.

  3. Val done! Sorry for the pun but I thought I owe you the fun. My younger brother and one of my friend are in same boat as yours; so have lived with the sensibilities that you talk about so eloquently. I heartily congratulate you on your ‘daily’ conquests and courage to share this with the world where anything ‘different’ can be termed as a ‘disorder’. As you said – “We all have different hats and masks. Mine might be a bit more exaggerated and thus becomes a disorder. Who does not experience the same?…yet with certain differences.”

    Neither I am true, nor them
    Only truth is the struggle within!

    Love and Regards,

  4. Hi!!! this is about my brother he has been diagnosed wit schizophernia. He has recovered to quite an extent but he does not motivate himself to do anything. He is on medication and has put on a lot of weight due side effects. He continues to sit in his dark room which is closed, though there has been improvement the motivation factor is completely missing. We want you to help us to know how to motivate him n get him out of his dark room, coz ri8 now he is not evn listening to take up a job or go to a gym. I WOULD REQUEST YOU TO PLZ REPLY TO US WE REQUIRE YOUR HELP. MY BROTHER SUFFERS SIMILIAR PROBLEM LIKE YOURS. !!!!

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