Frequently Asked Questions:


Use the Contact Form under Tabs with the Subject: Order For Art. Include the name of the art work you wish to purchase and we shall work together on the rest. (shipping charges depend on which part of the galaxy you live in)


So, you really like a piece and really really want to have it but you aren’t an art collector or your pockets aren’t full as yet? Well, let me assure you mine are almost always torn – and my bank balance is always almost as good as my torn clothes. Though my torn clothes are a fashion statement, my bank balance is not.

But here’s what is possible:
a) You can help me find other buyers, get a commission from what is sold through those works and then simply purchase the one you wanted

OR b) You can give me a down payment and tell me to put it on hold for you.


Alright. This is ONE word that an artist hates. Well at least I do. Firstly, let me start of on an angry note before I decide to be nice to that question.

Do you get a discount on your salary? NO, you don’t do you. In fact if you do a good job, you get a raise or a holiday tour or something. Well, this is my job, selling an art work is my income and not even a salary. You see, as an artist I end up investing more than what I make including pending bills and newer ones. Economically speaking, we do not get ‘Credit Cards’ issued from banks since we don’t have a regular income or salary slips. Legally speaking, I am apparently obliged to pay taxes EVEN IF they haven’t given me any legal capacity and the disability allowance I would get IF I apply for it would be a measly 200 Rupees per month or so.

Now on a nicer note, yes there are OFFERS that you can avail. Simply follow my PAGE on Facebook and you will be able to keep track on offers/discounts that I have.


You want something that is about you or someone else or a pet or a memory. You got your own ideas about it and/or a limited budget.

Follow step mentioned in Q1. Then we shall work through it together. Any of my commissioned works start at USD 96/- (INR 6000). The actual price will depend upon the size, medium, and time taken for the piece. Shipping charges will be extra. Which means the final work won’t be the quoted price. This is my base price or cost price. An advance of INR 500-1500 (depending on work) has to be given as it takes me time to come up with a design. Floating designs (something that I already have done before) need to be recreated too. Art is serious work.


Alright, so you are not an art collector, nor do you want a commissioned piece but you would just like something that would look good on your empty wall or perhaps you want to decorate your entire wall with a variety of styles. That’s easy! Just purchase my prints.


As an artist, we all have to face copyright issues, intellectual property rights, and all those matters. Even if I have a disclaimer or put in a watermark, there is no guarantee that someone would reprint my works or using a photo editing software change the name, so on and so forth. So here are couple of guarantees from my end:

A. Most of my work might or might not come with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’. This can be copied too. Thus I try not to put too much time into it unless I feel like it.

B. This is my personal and only website. I have my art displayed on several online galleries but they do not represent me nor do they sell for me.

C. ALL my art work are sold directly by me unless otherwise mentioned. HOWEVER, I maintain a good record of what I sold and to whom I sold. This record only stays with me in a place that no one can access – my wonderful memory bank in my brain!

If you are sold an art work which is believed to be mine – simply get in touch with me or post it as a comment here.


I wake up to at least 5 emails (work and personal), 5+ personal messages and several phone messages about 2000 words each! Each sharing their story, their experience, their life moments with me. They take at least 2 – 4 hours of my day because I read each one carefully and answer them. This does not include my friends and family whom I tend to ignore and put aside during these periods.

I give a lot of my personal time to others to connect with me. This ensures they know I am not taking them for granted but likewise one cannot take me for granted either. I utilize my FREE time by listening to others who genuinely do not have money and are in the midst of a serious life battle that requires an immediate intervention. Beyond that my time needs to be respected.

I don’t hold a job unlike many people out there. I do shuffle and multitask in between work, meetings and my own studies. I rarely get a weekend holiday just for myself without having a message pop either on Facebook or on my phone or in email. Honestly, I don’t socialize because I use that time to be available for others who need someone to listen too.

I too live in a family and have a home to take care off. I take breaks in between any work to wash utensils, do my laundry, dust, feed my cats and groom them. And I like having leisure time for myself. I am as human as you are. I like being available to my friends and families so please don’t drop me a message saying you are like a friend/family to me because you are not. There are certain lines that should not be crossed and I am very direct about that.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR ANY FREE ART WORK OR MY WRITINGS. I do not have money growing in my backyard. Creating art or the process of getting anything published cost me a lot of time and money and there have been days I have had INR 200/- as my bank balance. During such days my friends/siblings/parent help me out – and it means their time and money put into my life. So I will not have anyone disrespect not just my time but those of people who care for me.