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  1. Dear Val,

    I read your article that you wrote to deepika .I want to share my thoughts regarding depression, sczoprehnia, negativity or any diesese in life.Before that I would like you to give little background regarding myself.
    I am no one , I am a common man not yet so common.It will be clear at the end of this article why I am not so common.
    I want you be to bit open minded while going through this article.Let us start from the beginning when we are born.
    After birth we are conditioned with the thoughts of people what they believe is good or bad , evil, religion and stuff like that.My point being the person you are right now is amalgamation of what was taught to you plus your interpretation what you thought they meant to you.The reason I am telling you this beacuse the knowledge that I going to share with you may not fit into your belief system.As all of us are living into boxes some boxes are bigger than others.

    We have long forgetton that we create our own reality.We are very powerful and creative beings.Questions is how do we create our own reality?The answers is yet simple but thought provoking .Answer is through “thoughts”.Thoughts are the most powerful tool given to human beings.Think about any man made thing from where does it come from? nuclear bombs, concepts of science , buildings etc. The origin is always from our thoughts ,then our thoughts gets manifested physically depends how much intent we give to them.
    So it means that if our thoughts are powerful enough  they will get manifested in our lives through our actions or other means.So what about our negative thoughts ? Of course they will be manifested if you have invested enough time and energy into them.Depression is a repetion of some negative thoughts that we are not able to get rid of.Schizophrenia is a similar case, investment into your thoughts with such intensity that they become real.Instead of us controlling our thoughts , our thoughts starts controlling us.Any how this is the common phenomenon, most of the people are controlled by their thoughts instead the other way around.

    The solution of  all the problems in our life is getting back control over our thoughts and use them us a tool not slip into them as a common habit.What I normally do when I notice that I am slipping into my useless(not useful) thoughts I change my focus from my thoughts into the present moment.When I say present moment ,I put my focus into what ever surrounding I have around me.Just look everything without any labels and judgments, just be in the moment and accept it as it is.Because our worries and thoughts jump in when we think about our past and future.Life is neither happening in past nor in future , its in the now.
    Another method I use is , I close my eyes try to relax as possible then contrate on my breathing , long rythmatic breathing or sometimes I use a mantra like “I am” or you can create your own make sure use it repetative.Mantra is tool for mind . Give your mind something it can play with after sometime it will get bored and will go to its original state which is total awareness but no thoughts.That state is very blissful and powerful.Physical activities also helps a lot but the trick is do them with your 100% presence.I would like to tell you that I am non religious yet spiritual person.
    When I say thoughts are manifested, trust me on this I am talking from my personal experience and when I am saying we are powerful , oh goosh I wish you can experience that yourself .(that explains my uncommon side).
    Please don’t believe in whatever I have mentioned but be skeptical and open minded . We all are on a same journey but through different paths.I know I have left some unanswered questions but if we know all the answers then what we will search for?

    Love and light

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