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Val Resh is an artist / activist fighting for the right to be granted what for most others is a given – full legal capacity.(She gives up on both apparent career choices very often and then goes into a sabbatical until life gives her some ‘sign’ to continue)

Val Resh works with the concept of ā€˜The Red Doorā€™, first conceptualized by Mixed Media Productions, to create more awareness about issues of mental health in India.

She is also the Founder-Director of MindArcs, which aims at creating spaces for more user/survivors (of psychiatry) to come ‘out of the closet’ and speak about their experiences. However, the space is also open to others who might not have a label/diagnosis but just simply have had different experiences.

Val’s creative work isn’t limited to a paintbrush or sketchpad. Instead, it ranges from poetry to humor, short narratives, painting her clothes and randomly carving things in thin air until they find their way into a real form. Her creations she says do not give her room for rest. “I don’t have a problem with an artist’s block. I think I have too many ideas flooding around me that I sometimes wish I did have multiple arms like our Hindu Goddesses”.

She also helps train / re-train individuals seeking to ‘get fit’ through private lessons. Having survived ‘Reye’s Syndrome’ and currently recovering from a brain tumor (benign), she has learnt how important health is and how often it is taken for granted. Having been trained in Martial Arts since age 7, being active in basketball, dance, tennis and other various sports activities throughout her life, her recovery in all areas seems to have shown a lot more colors than her report cards. “The only way they could control my hyperactivity was to throw me out of class. I either played basketball or painted the walls. Though today, I seem to be having partial ‘body-popping’ dance styles complimentary from my partial body spasms” šŸ™‚Ā (this is another part of her which tends to withdraw and go into a shell when she sees her body having a life of its own. ‘First they found my mind – and I lost it, then they found a brain – and I lost the body’)

A combination of many layers of talents – it is not a wonder why her head is all over the place. From a painter to a martial artist to a writer to an activist to a mime artist to a nut-cracker to a lone traveler to a face everyone loves to click – she is not a jack of all trade but constantly pushes every stone to master what is underneath it.

What drives her dynamo is her personal story of living with schizophrenia without medications – ‘A Drop of Sunshine‘ She is also an Ashoka Fellow, Ink Fellow and has received the WIN Pune Woman of the Year Award along with SCARF-PII Media for Mental Health Award.

“Sometimes a beautiful boon and sometimes a horrible curse, I don’t really have a choice but to change my perceptions whether I like it or not. I always wish for others to know what it is like, because very often they think it’s easy. I always wish for others to see what I see and experience it even if it might not be as close to what I may experience. But, I hope my art would allow them to do so – because for me – I would never know what it is that they experience which makes any of us any different”

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Please use the contact form if you wish to use any of the work here OR do acknowledge/cite her work and let her know about it so that she can keep track of it.

2 comments on “BIO

  1. angliceyez
    September 6, 2014

    “The talent of an unbridled spirit” angliceyez

  2. aditya sood
    August 15, 2014

    i came to know about u(resma vallipan recently thru an article about u in the week)i am reading about u a nd ur works and ur fightback from this deadly illness.even i am suffering from mental illness for so many years.i was diagnosed with schizophrenia i n 2009 when i had suicidal thoughts.but i was on medicines for depression from 2003 when my brain lost control over my body and i was admitted to hospital.i was not 100% normal from childhood and was suppressed all along my growing period.i was a bit rebellious
    .i started smoking hashish (dope)with friends in 1991 and went totally mad.i smoked hash from 1991-1993.and since then i went mad as i could not handle dope.then after some socilal and family happenings in 1996 i got so shocked and traumatised that i lost my sleep and used to pick up cigerette and biri butts at 2: ‘0 clock or 3’0o clock in the night from streets and smoke 1998 i went down to settle down i himachal and started working there but entangled in local dirty politics there and had to run away from there to delhi by taking lifts from buses,trucks,tractors and what all and reached delhi in 3 days.
    since then it was downhill slide and downhill as since then there is a serious stigma attached to me which i can tell if we ever 2002 i worked in a ngo for mental health children for 1 2003 i lost control over my body and i was admitted to a hospital for 23 days
    and i was put on a lot of medicines and was off smoking for 23 days.after being realed from hospital ididnt smoke for 2-3 months and was recovering well when i started smoking again.i want to mention here that i was a ver big smoking and tea 2005 again joined that ngo of mentally retarded children and worked there for 1 year.after leaving that job i went to himachal again to settle there but stayed there for 7-8 months and went to work with my cousin’s buisness.after being there for 31\2 months he didnt pay me anything and came to delhi.i want to tell u here that all thru it was my father who was supporting me financially.but after coming back from haryana i went into deep psycological shit that i used to pee in my belief then was that if icould leave smoking then i could lead a normal life.i was fighting a desperate battle against smoking ,stigma,shock,trauma all i want to mention that during those days i could understand a single word in six months,and once whe i was home alone i did not eat 12 to 14 big breakthru came in 2008 when the psychiatrist whom i used to visit once a year advised me to take champix for deaddiction from smoking.around dec.1 2008 i stoppede smoking after 23 years and my recovery feb.2009 i got suicidal thoughts but didnt take them seriously.within aweek i got suicidal thoughts again and went to consult a psycological help ngo who listened to my case and referred me to a psyciatrist who when after hearing my case said
    a chemical known as serotyn is not being made in brain since i was on drugs in 1991-1993 and he put me on a 1 single tab.of palido 3mg daily.during those day i started osho meditations an also learned sudarshan kriya(art of living)my first relapse of smoking happenend after 11 1\2 months when i started smoking again.since then i have had around 30-40 relapses of smoking but i again take the help of champix.i took palido for 3 years but somehow didnt like taking medicines.the doctor had diagnosed me with residual schizophrnia.i used to believe i was normal and used to ask the doc. to stop my medication but he didnt stop my medication.during those day i remember once i was jogging and thousands of thoghts flooded my head.once i was having steam in a steam room and suddenly i started crying and cried for hours and hours.also i remember that during those days once or twice in ten
    days my eyes used to go up towards my head and they used get stuck in my head
    for 2-3-4 hrs.since 2011 i started taking my osho meditations seriously and started meeting new people feb 2012 a friend of mine took me to a naturopathy center in haryana where i stayed for 40 45 days.after trying osho meditations and his therapies didnt get cured so i was advised to meet a psyciatrist again.i found a new psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with schizophrenia and i took his medicines for 7 months and then i stopped his medicines on 24th oct.then i tried baba ramdev’s medicine for schizophrenia for 3-4 months along with forever aloe vera and now i am not taking any medicine for last 4-5-6 months and my fightback is going on quite extreme stages of multiple/split personality have reduced hallucinations and delusions have reduced attacks of schizophrenia have reduced drastically.i understand things better now and i am able to explain myself to others in a much better fashion.i am afighter and dodnt intend to lose this battle against my serious physical and psycological condition so easily.the major hurdle was smoking and i have not smoked since sept. major fuck up was smoking ,so much tea and junk food for so many years.people ridicule me ,condemn me ,shun me.i have lost all reputation.all odds r stacked against me but i go on fightin and recovering and improving day by day.i say it like this : i was – 10000% at one time and in 2011-2012 i was around -500% to -600% but right now i am around -200% to
    -400%.but within one year it will be 0%.i am alone in this battle over myself and my illness but i have no intentions of losing and very frankly no medications at all.sheer will power.sheer determination and sheer hard work on myself.when i get more and more normal in another 1 or 2 years. i want to write a book on my insights on fighting extreme psyciatric all depends on the next 2 mob. no. is 09717660044 and i reside in delhi.i want to connect with more and more cases of schizophrenia and
    other psychiatric condions and share experiences with them.luv. -i dont see contact on mob. as i desperately want to connect.thanks.luv.or u can send me a fb request by my email id.

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