Mental Health

Experience and review by a mother

I’d like to share a mother’s Experience and review of my book ‘Fallen, Standing…’  < (click) which is on my website.

You must be wondering why I have a website and a blog and an art blog. Well it’s easy. We already know I do a million things and engage in several creative forms as tools for expression and advocacy. My alter egos surely have their own worlds.

My website is a one stop to find out about the books and publications I am featured in + my art exhibition + the movie + my shop + services.

My blog (this one) is where I write (blog) of course on my daily journeys, mental health issues, politics, drama, love, my work experience at school, and my mime.

My art blog: has a collection of my art work over the years for those who aren’t interested in the other stuff I do. This works for those who aren’t on other social media platforms as it’s pretty difficult to keep going back to an older Facebook post to locate an art work.

But all of it gets reblogged and shared over here on during different times (if not immediately).


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