Are you a fan or a label?

Someone who read my book tweeted this to me and it made sense of my entire week!


I always consider having friends something more important to me than anything else since I’ve mostly lost mine or relied on imaginary ones. Off late I’ve also met women who’ve become part of this love tribe…you know the whole new age stuff on women (and men!) having their own tribe thing.

I remember an interviewer asking me how many Likes, Follows and Fans I have. I said “If I was Deepika Padukone, maybe I’d like to focus on those numbers but I am not.”

To me having Fans are like having Labels and all of you know how much I don’t like the latter.

Labels are meant to be on clothes & Fans are meant to be on ceilings to keep you cool. If you can’t be cool without one then it suggest otherwise, no? Well that’s my thing and I kinda like my thing because I have made an interesting friend just over 2 meetings and told her ‘You’re like the friend I’ve always wanted. Not to say I don’t have other friends but this is something else’ – and she agreed!

When I first began working at school, the teacher had this fan like impression too after having read my book and got to know about my story. Today she is my biggest listener and co-worker as we sync so beautifully with her skills in education and mine in mental health.

If I saw others as fans I would also see them as labels which would mean I would see myself as a label…thereby only limiting my own existence and possibilities of being on this already estranged planet. Isn’t there enough hate, prejudice, war, jealousy, envy, greed, fights, disrespect, control and bitterness existing? Imagine having to walk all of that alone – which many are doing. We can flush these all away when we choose to be open and surrender to the greatest being called Nature. In her, through her, with her, by her, she will present herself through others. We can choose to see Her and walk together or we can choose to remain in our illusions of metaphors, control and ownership.

I wish people saw each other as people, as humans, as beings, as individuals – in their own Gods and Goddesses avatars yet aware of the human limitations and frailties of our hearts. No one is an object, thing and goal. Sure enough I’ve also had to deal with letting go of those who don’t understand such relationships and it’s part of the same journey. But if we keep ourselves open – the most beautiful heaven like connections will be made to nurture our spiritual evolution. We begin syncing at all levels…living each other’s life through different realms and bodies. Now who wouldn’t want that?


The beauty of life is love and it is not something that grows when in control. In control, it will begin to suffocate causing a network of disrespectful people coming your way. Lose that need to control and love will bring in a network of colourful beings walking the same path to uplift each other together. We are all warriors…we are either spiritual warriors, peaceful warriors or lover warriors – all of which are the same thing.

Have a happy week ahead y’all! Lots of peace and colour. – ©Reshma Valliappan 2017

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