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Do you navigate, walk or run?

As always I do many things, so I am sharing a Facebook post to begin this blogpost:

Do you navigate your life by the ego or the heart?
The heart hurts but reaches a larger cause.
The ego protects but is a single journey.
Can we walk by stars or must we run by the money?
Passion creates magic while the chase destroys innocence.
Must they strive to seek the slightest of attention or can they be in comfort without being observed? Oh the irony!
Silence can be brutal at first but leaves a lasting impression of strength.
Noise…well everyone makes it.
If I were to strip will you run to cloth me or will you write another chapter of this pressing nudity?
You can smooth the insecurity with a smile of acceptance or you can engage in contemplating an obvious problem.
What is the problem to your name or the name to your problem?
They both begin with an ‘I’.
Perhaps there isn’t such a thing then. A problem is something we create when we’re bored as we’re too scared to gaze into the distance alone. So we built a path of togetherness based on dramatic entries and seductive dishonesty giving the Devil a run for his baggage.
Such vitality and persistence in a modern era to create problems but none of the same determinism in solving it.
Humans…They say come in various shapes and sizes. Almost so disconnected that synaesthesia would serve as a curative order to an already established disorder.
Why that would be exactly the tunes of madness with lyrical displays of a mind in performance!
Aha, my schizophrenia is a performance you say?
Yes an imagination willing to ride on its own.
Your recovery made you a good director.
Oh such obvious doors isn’t it?
Would you walk the stars with me then?
Why sure. It’s an imagination worth exploring. We could have a tourist information counter don’t you think?
Do we charge them pennies full of green or green fools of pennies?
I really don’t know. Might we take a check on their capacity to dream of flying whales and hope they resign from their sadness.
That’s a wonderful idea. When do we start?
Right away! Come let’s walk the stars. A penny for your twinkle.

– Ethereal conversations to a chapter in making
(c) Reshma Valliappan 2017

The above writing goes with my artwork ‘Jellyfish in the sky’ which is now available as a 2017 Diary. Click here to view the video of it!

If you wish to purchase it you can email me at with your Full Postal Address, phone number and name. It cost INR 495/- while within India shipping is around INR120 (-/+) and outside India shipping is around INR520 (-/+). Though I would recommend picking up 2 books then for the same shipping cost. 😉

But you must be wondering how I translate my creativity into the work I do under The Red Door correct? Well I managed to finally put together our first ever mailer in the 5 years of having run it – and the link for it is here!

I don’t like working on weekends as I’ve not been able to get my time off to just paint, exercise and do nothing. But I’ve got a working team member who is taking on the other half of the work and that enables me to concentrate on the other stuff. It’s great to have friends who have chosen to join in, but I have to think about paying them you know since we don’t have funding and aren’t registered as an NGO to receive donations.

Therefore, as Val Resh I offer my merchandize, commissioned work, paintings and TRD merchandize for sale. Both are sold under my legal name Reshma Valliappan as I am bearing the cost of production and logistics for both.

Do have a look at our mailer! Let us know if you are a TRD Friendly Space or Individual – and we can shake hands with you virtually or physically.

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