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Who is Kylie and who is Me?

My writing has changed for this first month of 2017. I can’t promise you that this will not change again. Nevertheless, here’s the conversation between Kylie & Me which I had first posted on Facebook and figured it makes a good blogpost.
We’re welcoming the light in all 🙂 Hope you like our conversations as much as I enjoy writing them.
Kylie: Why are you lighting so many lamps?
Me: Cause I don’t date people.
Kylie: How is that related to my question?
Me: Well since I stopped turning people on, I was told by Mother to turn the lights on instead.
Kylie: eureka!

Kylie: Why are you writing without ink? Or is it invisible?
Me: I’m practicing knowing nothing.
Kylie: How?
Me: I can’t see any line I think I knew I drew and even if I close my eyes I won’t know the exact location I drew them.
Kylie: Father put you up to this, didn’t he?
Me: aha…tabula rasa he said. Become an empty sheet so that I can be free of my vessel like you!

Kylie: Why are you making faces like that?
Me: I am trying to see if I can make a living from it.
Kylie: Who is going to give you money for making faces? If they did, all kids would be millionaires.
Me: Well there is no harm trying. At least, I would amuse myself if not anyone else.
Kylie: You could consider a business model to it.
Me: No we can’t do that Kylie. It’s like working with a lemon juice stall.
Kylie: What do you mean?
Me: To run a lemon juice stall, we’ll need to average out how many lemons we’ll use, water, sugar, salt + time & sales. Then we can identify our profits. Our recipe will stay the same daily. It’s not that difficult. But we don’t have a definitive recipe in the work we do for us to know how many sales we’ll make daily.
Kylie: But we are working with a certain number of people, no. Doesn’t that count?
Me: See Kylie…we’re working with the magic of the heart. We’re changing hearts and there is no definitive methodology for that. We can’t charge someone for teaching them how to love the planet & other humans better. Nobody sees value in that until they’ve lost them. And that loss cannot be given a number. Besides, the universe is full of magic and chaos but humans don’t pay the universe any rent do they? That’s why it is magical because it is abundant. If we ever put a monetary value on our work we’ll stop being magical and our hearts will break.
Kylie: Oh! It is like what that other dead fellow told me about peace. We can’t achieve peace. We can’t win it because it means it exist as a product which can be quantified for a certain day for which we can own. We can only keep aiming for it everyday.
Me: and BINGO was my name O’ Woof Woof!
©Reshma Valliappan2017

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