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How do we understand Healing?

2015 was the year of intention.
2016 is the year of awakening.
2017 becomes the year of manifesting.
In fact, all are constantly going on. It is for us to be aware of their cycle.

What is healing then?
Healing isn’t some magic that happens where a fairy touches you with a wand and makes everything goes away. Healing is not recovery either. Recovery is when you pop a pill for something like a flu or cold and you can say ‘I am recovering’. Once the cold goes away you will say ‘I am recovered’. This is only a recovery from a list of symptoms and not the root cause of it.
Healing is every single day, every single moment and it never is easy. When healing begins to happen you will start experiencing pain which will make you ask ‘How come this is happening to me? It’s never happened to me. This isn’t me or something that is possible in my case’.
But that is exactly what healing is. It makes you deal with the illusion you have around you of yourself.

So who is a healer?
A healer is anyone who practices the ART & SCIENCE of guiding someone into healing.

A healer is NOT a magician or a fairy. A healer is not someone who will take away your pain. Let me repeat it again : A healer DOES NOT take away your pain.

This is because, if pain is taken away it has to be put somewhere. This ‘somewhere’ ends up in the body of the healer. It is why many ‘healers’ end up developing pain after healing others. It’s called the healer’s disease. You’ll find many articles written about this online.

This happens due to many reasons, one of which is their bodies and mind are not prepared entirely yet. It is why healing others is a dangerous affair in itself, because in the process of healing the healer will also pick up a lot of other stuff (some call is karmic baggage) belonging to that person and end up owning it. It is dangerous to oneself as then as a healer you won’t know which is your shit and which is someone else’s shit.

So what does a healer actually do?
A healer is someone who merely transforms or changes the pain. If you have received healing before, you would have noticed that newer areas in your body will begin experiencing pain. This does not mean the healer has caused it. It means the healer has allowed a release to happen as everything in our body is connected. The actual cause of the pain will never exist at the first location of it. It will always be linked to multiple areas in your body and each area will have a voice of it’s own. It is very rare that a healer will transfer their pain to you. Someone who does that is a charlatan who is using their own uncleansed ‘prana’ to heal you. (There are ethics and rules of conduct even for a healer).

What is this transformation then?

Basically what the healer has done is, they have bought you ‘time’ to deal with the suffering in a little less painful way. They can for that moment reduce the pain considerably but not remove it and stop it from surfacing again. Unfortunately most people don’t know that – as there is a hierarchy already being pre-determined in this relationship.

If someone could touch you and take away your illness – then all the previous saints and gurus should have cured us all!? But they haven’t. They’ve only shown their ways.

No one can cure you but yourself.
The healer has bought you time and a lot of shit and baggage will uncover. In this period, it is for you to look within, reflect and take guidance from the healer while this happens. This is what a true healer will do but can’t force you to follow. A true healer will still try and reach out, be strict, direct and not beat around the bush as time is of essence. Some  healers end up being ‘hated’ or ‘despised’ by the person who has received healing. This happens as the healer will say things the person will not like while also challenging them to go beyond their everyday perceptions. However, all the hard work has to come from the one receiving.

Receiving healing is in itself something that requires the person to be ready. Again, most people don’t know how to receive or what to do after having received. If they’ve received healing and have yet not seen changes, it simply means they aren’t ready for that change and so they aren’t ready for healing yet. They will need to take the conventional approach to life and their healing will take a lot longer or maybe another life.
If you are someone seeking healing…know the difference. It is a difficult process and choices are to be made every single day.
If you are a healer…know the difference by first healing yourself. You cannot heal another without healing yourself first. Your mind might think it is ready but if your physical body presents it’s own set of problems, you cannot allow yourself to heal someone else unless you’re cleansed and protected your own aura.
There is the law of what is natural. We are only humans and our vessels need to be nourished, cherished and treated with kindness and love. Listen to your body. Do what is natural for it. No one needs saving but only us. When we save ourselves, we naturally change the course of our life pattern and that vibration will affect others.

Choose wisely.
Live lovingly.
Speak kindly.
Walk gently.
Hear intently.
Embrace frequently.
Let go effortlessly.
Surrender silently.
Allow willingly.
Breathe gracefully.

Be Effortless.

Tat Tvam Asi. #motherspeaks #voices
© Reshma Valliappan 2016

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