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How do you ACCEPT & ALLOW?

Most people won’t ask for help as we live in a society that forces those of who come across as being ‘strong’ to suck it up and not complain. But hey, we’re people too you know who need the same level of love and care as everyone else does. It is sad that many others don’t understand that.
Now I have a lot of women friends who fall in the same category of pain. Since we’re the main breadwinners, have reached a high level of self-sufficiency and independency, we honestly don’t get the time to even complain or speak of our daily troubles. Life has to go on in our case as we have dependents.
I’m pretty sure these friends I speak of have been in the same pain before and after the full moon.
I’ve had high fever all of Thursday till Saturday and my mom was really worried since I refuse any medicines. I starved my fever as my body couldn’t eat given I had a swollen throat and infection, ear aches, body aches with pins and needles, and shuffled between chills and heat. Regular thinking would suggest hospital and all sorts of diagnosis. Being with oneself and just doing nothing but holding one’s space is very important. This is necessary especially when others get worried and can influence our ideas of suffering which will further induce more pain if we were to let it.
My FB cover pictures convey the simplicity of a ‘mantra’ that I receive and follow. This time they are ACCEPT & ALLOW. Now if your intellectual ego is high you would ignore it cause it isn’t in some mystical language. But a non-foolish person rises above the words will embraces simplicity. However, embracing simplicity must also be practiced.
And this practice as always is about truth and basis of reality which I keep referring to as SHIT. It is the only reality there is that all of us shit and it stinks. Correct?!
Likewise, ACCEPTING your suffering and LETTING GO of it occur together. We must ALLOW it to happen. The simplest and realistic life example of this suffering is like a FART.
We have to ACCEPT there are FARTS.
We are all capable of it. All of us do it too.
Farts STINK.
But in order for a fart to stink, it must HAPPEN.
In order for it to happen, we must ALLOW it. We must LET GO.
No rocket science and you don’t need to purchase this knowledge. But since most people don’t value what is free, I will leave it the practice for you to follow on your own.
Have a great week ahead and REMEMBER:
ACCEPT & LET GO, practice it with your shit.
– Vajri
©Reshma Valliappan 2016

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