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Do we lose the ego or accept it?

Learning from yesterday’s post new moon meditation:
“Accept what you can’t change and accept what you can” a known saying in English.
But how do you implement this as a ‘mantra’ & body work?
Is there a such a thing of taking an ordinary sentence and converting it as a body technique based on certain movements and breathing?
Most would think it’s too obvious and hence not something important. But the unconscious world loves to play around with us and challenge us with the obvious before it resumes to the uncertainties and circle back to the obvious.
Yes, there is a method to this madness. It is called Yoga. Not your everyday Instagram version of it. Yoga of life and the life of yoga. If it requires an explanation then it simply means the seeker isn’t ready for the answer.
We’re often clouded by the need for a mantra to have a mythical language in making it sound powerful and esoteric. But a seeker will accept all things as equal and know how to practice anything. – Master Dao
“A mantra can be chanted loud, in whispers or from within when the body begins chanting it as a vibration. The latter is the most powerful way the body and mind (brain) works together. The mind in realization of the shit it carries daily sits into meditation to face it’s own inner demons of judgements, prejudices, jealousy, greed, wrath, revenge, gluttony…the many egos. These in turn show up as a voice in various parts of our bodies which we confuse to be symptoms of mental or bodily discomforts. You are stuck in your journey towards liberation if you want me to give you a Sanskrit mantra to boost your ego knowledge. Know yourself before you ask me stupid questions, child!” – Aghor Krishnaswami
The first two ‘symptoms’ of this opening/awakening are none other than depression and anxiety. Both have to exist together much like a coin. But to understand them in this context, the seeker must already have crossed over from conventional modern thinking of their problems to one of a purpose behind their problems. Only then will this brain-body relationship develop into their individual gifts and suffering begins to diminish.
There are methods the body develops in realization of this relationship. These methods show in certain movements that could be assumed to be ‘odd‘. Most yoga practitioners would recognize these movements but will reject their possibility of arising in such a short span. This is because they come from a structured revolution too. The body does not need so much of repeated practice after both begin existing together. You have to get it right the first time and you will when you begin listening. But you must lose your ego first and then begin accepting it. – Ramakrishna
All ‘mental illness’ share similar relationships like a coin of coexistence. None are separate. They become separate and sufferable because modern thinking and living wants it to be structured and fixed. Depression & anxiety, schizophrenia & epilepsy, did & seizures, schizophrenia & odd, bpd & depression…these classifications go on and on. What modern thinking has failed in understanding is none of these are separate. They are all arising from the same source of suffering only having different levels of intensity and expression. In the current age of mental health revolution there is a rise to own a certain form of a mental health illness. It is this ‘ownership’ which creates our attachment to our suffering and we then continue in it’s vicious cycle. We can voice ourselves but we don’t need to own our experiences or our voices. When consumed by such unconscious practice of ownership, we forget how to accept ourselves and others.
– ©Reshma Valliappan
Closing of chapter 2 to my second book

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