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Are your unknown desires the cause of mental discomforts?

When a stick is thrown a dog would chase it.
Where as a lion would look at who threw the stick.

– Buddhist teaching


Our actions speak of the way we make our choices.
Are we chasing after things just because it is thrown across?
Do we really pay attention of where it comes from, who’s behind it, and the consequences of running after it?

Our mental health is largely affected and influenced by our inability to know what we want. When we don’t know what we want we will chase everything in order to feel fulfilled and secure.
When we know what we want we will wait for it patiently and will work towards receiving it patiently. Just knowing what we want doesn’t erase our mental discomforts but it does make it easier and gives us a purpose. A purpose towards fulfilling our true desires.

Cultivating patience, perseverance and an unflinching believe is necessary. Most don’t know that it is easier to chase after something you think you want but it is equally easier to lose it. Our inner desires and true wants are like diamonds. It takes time to search for them. It takes time to get them out. It takes time to clean them. It takes time, skill and a special instrument to cut and shape them.

The way we live with our mental discomforts and/or ill-health is the same as the way we perceive our desires. Are we willing to wait and hold our own spaces? Or are we in a hurry to fix ourselves and get things done quickly in fear of losing out on the next greener grass that lies over the fence?

I am not the only one saying this or writing about it. Though I have worded it differently.

Check this blog piece out by Bairavee Balasubramaniam which echoes around new moon intentions and manifestations. I like her writing and find it resonates to a journey many of us are recognizing and are aware off. I tend to skip over certain areas like numbers and planets since that would make me count! 🙂 but the rest of it works for me.


A previous blog post I wrote on manifestations of desires speaks of using the ovulation cycle if it falls around the full/new moon. In the case you have missed it CLICK HERE.

Blessed be!

– Vajri

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