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What is Anxiety?

There are many post around anxiety and depression that fills up our ways of understanding mental health as always. I am reposting some of my writings from different time and dates to give my understanding of anxiety.

As my paintings were wrapped up post exhibition:
“The vortex that separates my alien planet and earth”. The spiral is symbolic in many cultures.


Have you been fascinated by whirlwinds and tornadoes more than other natural catastrophes?
Does your anxiety feel like a spiral? When words such as spiralling and racing thoughts keep occurring all too often when you are trying to balance between depression and anxiety ?

Conventional psychology is not my cup of tea. It bears many limitations and has yet not offered solutions that work long enough. Shamanism teaches that the spiral is exactly the way nature and weather works. It begins with something coming into form only to spiral out into the void giving it birth or even death and spirals in again re-birthing something. Such is the nature of the whirlwind and tornado that consumes you in the guise of anxiety and depression. – Master

Remember the weather isn’t ever still. If it was the earth would perish. Don’t assume as a human you are greater than the weather. Work with it. Understand the physics behind it and you’ll understand what makes you experience all that you do. Don’t be stupid to fight against the weather inside your own body and mind in hope to control it. You are nothing but a speck of dust in a universe that works one principle : chaos. To find your balance and peace – one must first accept and work with it. Never against. – Vajri


I have myself dealt with anxiety before and I am not writing from a place where I don’t know what it is. But since the label I am known for and carry is schizophrenia, I am left in the every 100th person group which again are a very few of us, thus I often feel left out even there. Which labelled group do I belong to? now that depression and anxiety is getting normalized and it is okay for anyone to run to the closest easiest solution available since they need to move on in their lives. Unfortunately or fortunately I have severe physical side-effects to many medications so I don’t have the choice or option to find a fast fix solution. But thanks to not having that choice, I am forced to look away and elsewhere for safe methods. My coping with anxiety post was likely the first one I blogged 2 years ago!
Here are some tricks of the trade you can retell your anxiety with. I believe that all our so called mental illnesses are different natural responses. If you observe the weather you will observe your state of disorder being the same. But it has to come from you. If you believe it is an illness then so be it.
My other post on Schizophrenia being a storm covers ground on shamanism and weather. That should offer you a starting point. I am using ‘schizophrenia’ here as the starting point since it is called the ‘cancer’ in psychiatry of which many other psychiatry disorders can be found.
I often interchange the usage of these labels and nature as they co-exist. Common man looks at schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, mood disorders are separate instances of different disorders. Since I am not common and not a man 😛 I look at all of them as the same existing when and where needed, to guide me in life.
On one hand, I have called schizophrenia a storm and anxiety as the whirlwind. That would mean depression is an earthquake and bipolar disorder the river. Now observe that you will have almost all of the same qualities within you making you susceptible to either of the disorders. Either you are aware of the disorder and get sucked into the whirlpool of unnecessary interpretations, diagnosis and romantic notions that are a waste of time, OR you seize the totality of nature and see yourself as being one with it allowing you to experience Her.
Pretty simple to understand and accept, but HOW do you implement it in your life? I stopped writing my ‘tricks’ down due to it being plagiarized by others and especially professionals in the field who like making claims over their discovery. No hard feelings there, but I am still trying to make a living from a system that offers someone like me nothing. So I don’t see anything wrong in charging others for what I can offer because otherwise they don’t respect it. In any case otherwise, try reaching out to a professional and see how much time they would give on a daily basis when you have a simple query then compare it to the time I do give.
If you do wish to learn the HOWs and need a 1-2-1 work you can buy a session from me (Click here) If you can pay a professional holder of a degree for their expertise, I don’t see why you can’t pay me for having the experience and expertise on the know-hows. 🙂
Be blessed!

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