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Warriors just are

Today’s lesson in school focused on: “There are no bullies.”

These are words made to disable others by adults who place too much importance on labels. A bully is a label. Adults who have been accusing others of being bullies are not prepared to let go of their pain. This gives them the authority over deciding who is morally right and who is morally wrong. ( The problem of duality)


This creates a vicious cycle in their own relationships (family, friends, partners) while they passively end up bullying others by playing the victim card in their own personal spaces. The act of bullying is long over but the adult feels the whole world is a bully. This isn’t a state of mental disorder but a state of pride and ego to own the toxins of pain instead of recognizing it is over.

Everyone is stuck in arguments of ‘getting over’ or how can someone tell me that. This is a two way patronizing state. There is no getting over ever required once one learns to retell the story and recognize pain as merely a word, feeling or thought and the means to your life story.

Everyone is looking for empowerment and finding it through words written by another.
This isn’t empowerment, inspiration maybe.
It is the consumption of empowerment which is equally blinding in the world of illusion (maya).
Empowerment doesn’t exist outside.
You already are.

– Vajri
#motherspeaks #voices


Warrior lesson this week: Honour
A changemaker warrior is not someone who has to talk about what he does, prove that she can do it or display what they have done. The results of their efforts will be harvested by others while they the changemaker warriors are already busy solving another problem.
Rewards are not what they are looking for. They are only focused on the value in their intention.

They vow to never hurt anyone and especially themselves by looking in the mirror. They do not need to put others down, mock them or compare to make what they do seem better.

There is no such thing as a bully or a victim. No warrior will fight for change because s/he has been a bully or a victim.
A warrior is the change. He reflects.

© Reshma Valliappan 2016

2 thoughts on “Warriors just are

  1. All fine and insightful… say there are no such thing as a bully or victim towards the end. Thats not true is it.. there are bullies and there are victims. ..just because they are labels(usually temporary) doesnt make the experience of being bullied any less life altering or less painful. But bullies are often victims themsleves.for instance… I think ..They are kids abused and bullied at home taking it out on a soft victim. This victim in turn takes the anger out on someone else and then victim again becomes the bully. A never ending cycle…that few achieve moksha from. So only change made by self improvement and people who have achieved moksha is the solution. But it doesnt change the fact there are bullies and victims. Thats part of reality…however painful it is.

    1. ‘At the end’ Nibu literally at the end we don’t die a victim or do we die a bully. We will choose what we die as. The post specifically looks at the work I’m doing in school because children learn faster than adults therefore lessening the pain later. It isn’t about ignoring the fact of abuse and bullying. I’ve already covered ground on these in my previous post so maybe that’s why this one comes across as if I’m not looking at the ‘before’.
      Those who have been following through my work and post would see that I work backwards all the time. In my own story of recovery and healing I do state that it is because we give our abuse so much importance is why we are caught in the suffering. Why do we need to do that? It’s a waste of time and energy. To me my experience does not make me a victim nor a bully. The reality is an illusion in the spirit world. My book mentions that on retelling our story. We keep limiting ourselves because we want our pain acknowledged or our bully or abuser punished. Children however see the world differently. They don’t victimise themselves until some adult REMINDS them they have been victimised and they ‘should’ so something about it. I don’t subscribe to conventional psychology cause if I did I would never have healed.

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