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In celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi


Image source: DMAE

Today is the first day Ganesh Chaturthi. An important Hindu festival especially for the city where I am based. Although I am going to be missing out on it since I fly to Brazil in another 24 hours for the AWID forum. Not that I really enjoy celebrating it though. There is so much of symbolism in it which has been forgotten and it has become a reason for humans to create more pollution in the name of God.

To me, I stick to being a brat šŸ™‚

So to all Ganpati worshipers out there – in time you need to worship other voice hearers too then. Maybe I should have the BIG EARS and Elephant Trunk no?

I don’t know who is more deluded…you or me.
Anyhow for what it is worth wishes to all of you. Please don’t ask him to remove obstacles from your life though cause then he has to put it somewhere else and that would mean an obstacle in someone else’s life.

Know what you pray for šŸ˜‰

My ‘prayers’ include a lot of self-healing since at this moment of 24 hours before flying time, I have gum and knee inflammation, another set of infection caused by the yellow fever vaccination, and loads of fatigue – all of which are contributing to my cheeky behaviour. ( no I didn’t mean it when I flirted with you)

The Gods are Crazy and so are all of you! I only have the label for it.

Ā© Reshma Valliappan 2016

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