Yellow fever vaccine day

I was on a hunt for Yellow Fever vaccination since yesterday in my city. And found that Sassoon Hospital in Pune city is the only Government authorised place to have it done. It was only available on Mondays from 9am – 12pm but thankfully they now do it on Tuesdays too.

So here’s what happened (though I missed school because of it!) Do read my school blog where I post on behalf of my kids and maintain it. Please spread the word and donate for the work being done if you can.

Now for the Yellow Fever Vaccination experience:


Reached Sassoon hospital at 7.45am.
Stood in a line (that could have had a better system) till 9.10.
Then had to wait for the token.
There were 3 batches of folks. I had to wait for the 3rd batch consisting of 4 of us that couldn’t be issued a token, because one vial is for 10 people costing (Rs.3000).

So we sat as bored monkeys talking to each other and soon we were counting people, with our heads glaring at each person who came to inquire in hope they would be taking the same vaccine.
The number stopped at 7 and we waited an hour again. By then the doctor and nurse kept asking if we would have some faint idea if more would show up. Of course she thought we were telepaths.

I suggested we go looking for Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys and everyone burst laughing. Another fellow suggested we pick random people from the streets and force them to take the vaccine. Clear signs of desperation.

10 minutes later, 3 of us walk up to people at the OPD line asking ‘Yellow Fever? Yellow Fever?’ and we found ONE person who was to save us. The vaccine guinea pigs reached 9.

However, this lady suddenly disappeared and the nurse had no guarantee that she would return. They could only open the vial after we made our payments. So 8 of us pitched in for 2 different receipts of Rs.300 each, under my name since I was the only one with a confirmed ticket. A letter stating ‘on urgent basis’ required was written.

Now the actual jab was just 5 seconds, with a 30 minute wait to rule out immediate reactions. This gives them the time to issue our certificate valid for 10 years. In all that process in between, since everyone had to ask what the other was doing at the place they were travelling to, I was the only one heading towards South America and the rest towards Africa. This became an opportunity to yak, crack more jokes and then switch to Mental Health by telling them on their not so spooked out faces ‘I have schizophrenia myself’.’

They (nurse and doctor) did say no pregnancy for a while after this vaccination so I repeated it to the other folks not keeping in mind that some were men. But they said ‘Okay we’ll not get pregnant’. Bored strangers can surely be fun!

Although when the 9th person was asking the nurse about the reason behind pregnancy and the vaccine, I butted in saying ‘That’s cause the child will come out yellow’ and the nurse laughed calling me ‘nuts’ in a friendly way to which I told her ‘I already told you I had schizophrenia’. Then serious convo happened on what I do and why I do what I do and how.

What got interesting was 1 guy was on the same page with me about mental health, faith healing and alternatives. [ Oh! I got a free ride to Ravivar Peth in that process to buy my mime make up. ]

It turned out his previous job was to code medical conditions for the US. The majority of conditions were breast cancer, diabetes and heart attack. When he began doing his own research out of seeing such high numbers daily, he found out the same thing I was talking about. About conditions like cancer being made by the US. He came across an article on 3 political rats (men of course) who were paid by the government to create cancer and have the money coming in (like the stock market). [ Don’t ask me for citations okay. I am busy writing another paper. Google it ]

To which I shared with him about another video I spotted on YouTube by a non-medical practitioner speaking about the politics of diseases. Medical marijuana has been a cure that worked, however since it comes from a plant which can be found all over the world the US will never legalize it since they cannot patent a plant or what is natural. There is no ownership or profit margins they can claim or stop the usage of it unless there is patent on it. (Much like the same issue over chemo drugs that were cheaper in India that created issues with US since they weren’t making the same amount of money if people flew to India for cheaper treatment options).

Which brings us back to the whole deal of western medical sciences that many many people aren’t aware of. It isn’t about just the money, it is about how much.

…and that is the highlight of my day. I got home, passed out and now trying to book my bnb for Brazil though I can’t seem to make sense of anything at the moment.

Phew…I need air

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