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Heyoka? what do you think…?

Some months back I was introduced to the term ‘Heyoka‘ shaman by someone else who is one. S/he knew I would recognize it and I’ve been burying myself in the resemblances, history and similar stories found in several cultures and practices. The jester who doesn’t age, cannot be defined, born backwards, mirrors and reflects, challenges and finds amusement in everything. See boss, now you know why I can’t come across seriously to the majority 😉

What I found not ‘uncanny’ anymore are the traits and life journey involved in being a Heyoka on walking the Red Road while I do what I do throughThe Red Door which bears similar meanings, philosophy and methods.

I remember once meeting an artist in Bristol in 2007 who was the last of the Cherokee. I couldn’t afford to learn under him, but we smoked up that night and he told me stories about his life and this being his last birth as he has survived through 6 different paths of death in this life, a similar belief held in many pagan practices including Hinduism. As I touched his feet in respect of him taking me as his student but not having taught me the regular way, he understood the custom and said ‘You’ll learn in your dreams, but sleep well’.

My brother was furious when he found out that I was loitering around Arnos Vale [ also where Raja Ram Mohan Roy was cremated]. But when he googled the guy he learnt that he wasn’t some drug induced punk talking jargon but a reputed art history professor with a doctorate.

So the journey of me writing my second book is still on the works as life throws across present entries that connect to my past allowing me to remember them in details, along with the learnings received that I am now able to share with kids at school who practice them.

I also reconnected with a friend over email who dwells about neuroquantology and the similarity of stories he sees in his own life is no different. Much like Wim Hof the Iceman who got into what he does because his wife had schizophrenia and he found that ‘regular’ science didn’t help her.

As I accept the failings of who I am, what I come with and make peace with what I cannot have…I guess that is what it is. I’ve got a job to do now. I am crazy for certain and very professional about it. 🙂

The ones who help the Heyoka reach their potential are themselves guides/intuits who have the ability to perceive a belief and allow it to blossom on it’s own. The relationship goes unmentioned of words, labels or designations but is one that just is – divinely brought together to serve a larger purpose for the benefit of all. Their ways around the Heyoka are easily recognized as their ‘egos’ don’t come into relationship with the Heyoka given the mirroring qualities can affect both. In oddest of ways, their egos are dropped around the Heyoka and used as a protection during any ‘birthing’ processes both are involved in.

Those of you who know who you are – thank you!



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