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Leave duality


You want to believe that you live in a world that has diverse people.
That some are liberals. That some are secular. That some are cultured. That some are inbetweeneers. That each person has a construction and therefore this allows you to believe they would reconstruct and change. A hope.

The truth is your world is neither any of that.

Each and every person in your world has the mind of a capitalist. 

You simply want to own.

Own money. Own others. Own feelings. Own thoughts. Own your mind. Own that of others. You are constantly owning. Even owning your opinions.

This settler attitude will never free anyone. Going for a holiday to see the world is not any different than watching an adventure on your screen. Once you return, you return instantaneously to your settler lifestyle. Imagining that you’re free and liberated and seen the world.

Imagined that you’re a better person and reached some sort of divinity that others lack.

That’s not an adventure. That’s an escape. A break. A comparison of what you have achieved and others need to do. No sooner than you thought you had gained some sort of divinity you’re checking how much more you can capitalize from those around you.

You capitalize your food, your behaviour, your believes, your body, your lifestyles, your rightness and your self-prophesized value.

You even capitalize your death.

Hence your kind will suffer.

Because even that you capitalize on.

Your kind speaks of having no ego by offering themselves to believes and worship. But that is only imagined. The slightest threat to anyone’s interest in an affair of services sparks jealousy and envy. And greed feeds your ownership. 

If someone, anyone can feel at home with your presence even if it’s not a physical space know that this holds truer than everything else. Opening your home is easy. It’s a door. To truly open your vulnerabilities and share them does not make you a fool nor does it make you a victim. 

It makes you closer to yourself without having to capitalize your ego or without having to own your self.

Be free. Be honest. Be true. It does not matter if the other thinks of you as a threat to their existence.

Know that even existence cannot capitalised or owned. 

It simply has to be lived.


In order to do so you will need to keep moving and leave behind those who stall you from your journey. Their roles are over.

– Voice to Val 

#TheSchizophrenist (c)Reshma Valliappan

4 thoughts on “Leave duality

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  2. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Ok it’s tru but how to get at it

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    1. It starts by losing the Ego. Recognizing and being aware of our ego at all times but not reacting by it. That’s the first step. Our ego is only important to protect us from unnecessary emotions that cloud our minds. But people use their egos for everything these days.

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