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Book review and the persistence of death

Heya all!

I’m trying to accommodate all of what I do but it’s not going to be possible on one blog for certain.

So, I’m sticking to this being my main blog where I write my stuff (and sometimes I also do so on Facebook when I am consumed and overwhelmed by certain things.

But I now have a separate website by itself for my book Fallen, Standing – the documentary A Drop of Sunshine – and my art exhibition ‘Visions and Voices’.

These are all three important creative mediums which I believe covers a lot of ground in my personal journey.

I’ve just added the book reviews I’ve received to it here

Do let me know if have any suggestions in improving my blog and website! I can’t revamp all of it in a day – so I do it in bits & pieces.

I’ve finally decided to use Excel to track the list of things I need to do and it’s working really well. Never thought I would have to sit over an actual Excel sheet one day to keep track of my life. 🙂



On another note – here is something my alter wrote:

Death comes upon me again.
Death has become me in vain.

There are those who live their lives in preparation of death
There are those who die living daily doses of death
And there are those who seek the living of what’s dead

An interval.
With myself.

– I.R.V

©The Schizophrenist 2016

The above followed after a 2 1/2hour interview I gave over Skype and there were discussions over shamanism and psychosis which put me in an alternate plane instantaneously. The interviewer found one my tweets that spoke about giving up and thus left me at a vulnerable position to explain what I meant by it. The tweet speaks for itself.

The days of giving up have been visiting more often.

Not on myself…on the world.

They aren’t ready still.

Not yet.

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