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The storm called schizophrenia

​Schizophrenia is a storm. 

It reminds everyone that they are not living in harmony with their self, family and as society.

How can you call that a disorder and an illness meant to be treated? 

And how can you treat just one person’s experience of the cacophony of this individual disharmony?

Are you claiming that you’re greater than the universe and the law of physics?

This storm brings people together. Forces them to change, love and care even if they will never understand it’s true nature and perspective. 

It’s not an invisible disability. It’s a visible way to question and allow every human nurture indifferences.

It’s a visible calling naturally forcing others to “hold space” but they haven’t been listening nor being open to it.

This schizophrenia like a storm forces every person, every friend, every family to make difficult decisions. Decisions and choices they never would have to be challenged with. 

It forces them to go beyond, feel beyond and evolve more than they imagined. 

The schizophrenic is one is who is being the storm in the family and society. Unknowingly and naturally forcing everyone to wake up.

Either they recognize themselves and come to awareness or they fall into the guts of consumerism. 

There is no such thing as a gift and curse. Nor is there such a thing as the romantic and the sufferer. These are all man made rules and labels to adhere to that which sells.

It simply is what it is. A different weather. 

Why does man want to intellectualize, over value and underestimate it at the same time?

We need to move away from the illness and disability discourse. We need to choose healing and not suffering.
But that’s the trouble isn’t it?

Suffering is what sells. It’s a mass market to create healers and helpers to sell.

It allows one man to undermine another in comparative statements in order to prove he’s right. How much foolish is man becoming even in the presence of suffering?
But that’s the trouble isn’t it?

They choose suffering. And when they are hounded by the darkness it brings it allows them to blame others. 

This blame allows them to hold on and repeat the blame games repeatedly…All because their egos keep coming in the way.
I’m not saying schizophrenics are gods. I’m saying there’s a person behind every label irrespective of the schizophrenic the doctor or the layman.

If each person dared face their egos and know they’re as small as dandruff in the larger scheme of things, they would live miserable lives which can only be healed by death. 
But they’ve chosen suffering isn’t it?

They’ve chosen to whine, question, crib, insult, undermine, overplay themselves without having the courage to balance what they seek.

They lash out at the face of injustice yet forget what true injustice looks like. Their need for importance rekindles suffering all over again.
Schizophrenia is a reminder of the storm relapsing itself to purge the disharmony. It’s not an acute phase or a chronic phase. The doctors and books are nothing but men. What do they know about the workings of nature and the mysterious ways of the Mother? 
Like every storm it can arise without a warning staying for months displacing an city. And there are days it just doesn’t exist. 
They’re calling it a mental illness…a disorder.
Such fools have men become.
– Vajri  (c)Reshma Valliappan #TheSchizophrenist #motherspeaks #affairswiththeplanet

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