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Being a brat always works:D

I’m visiting my folks in Medan specifically to cheer them up and give some ‘crazy’ company to mom who has been immobile and dependent ever since the gas explosion accident.

On the 1st attempt of teaching mom breathing exercises while strictly guiding her on retraining her self-talk for hand tremors – it took just 3 minutes for it to stop under the witness of her two nurses.

Though it took a nanosecond for it to return when mom reverted to her conditioned self-talk.
It’s going to take a little more than just repetitions with her as she’s not in the same positive state she used to be in. From what I’ve seen her be during her cancer treatment – this burn incident has left her completely dependent and shaken.

But it’s kinda fun when I get to use my schizophrenia to emotionally psyche her into doing stuff. So 2 hours from now she’s dragging me to the Buddhist temple instead.

Being a brat always works! 😀 Now next on the list is to get her going with selfies and to look in the mirror.

p/s: “What we say to ourselves on a daily basis every minute is what defines our healing. And healing is a 27/4 work” – ‪#‎TheSchizophrenist‬

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