schizophrenia · Spirituality

Are you schizophrenic?


She: dude I sat to chant and I started seeing stuff. Then I saw Buddha. It was so freaky. I had not smoked up or even drank.
Me: Congratulations you’re now schizophrenic too!
She: Hahaha bugger I knew you’d say that.
Me: Yea said it in the movie too. I get them for free.
She: It feels like a part of me evolving.
Me: aha so then being schizophrenic is an evolution.
*we both burst out laughing
Me again: see friends like you are good for ego. The trouble is people are so used to drinking and smoking up in order to hallucinate that when it happens as a natural process it freaks  them out. Talk about constructed associations.
She: ya I know!
Me: Well good now I’m going to quote you and tell the world about this. Schizophrenia is the sign of a spiritual evolution. Welcome to the club. I just diagnosed you.
*We keep laughing hysterically.

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