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Ovum = manifestations that are in your control

How does a female warrior understand depression, pain, anger, irritation & a whole bunch of mood swings before & during her menstrual cycle:
1. Accepting the fact that she is the only one in control of her body and what happens to it.

In the beginning this will show in a sudden ‘I hate men for not having periods’ or ‘I can’t stand men trying to control and tell me what I should do when I’m having periods’.

But this isn’t the same sentence used. This self – talk is transformed into the awareness that:
A male body will never understand because there is no ovum getting disposed for not creating a baby. This also adds to the feeling of ‘death coming close’ for many – because this tiny cell that has been stigmatised till date is the LARGEST cell in the human body responsible for creating an entire life. If it leaves due to not getting fertilised it is natural to feel a part of you dying.


2. Upon acceptance that her body will experience this every month, she begins doing things to love her body and remind it that she loves it. She will find herself being in the presence of other females who are nearing their menstrual cycle, have just had it, or are having it or a pregnant woman close to delivery.
This she recognizes as the work of Shakti. Shakti likes company especially that which will help her feel at one and at harmony with what she is experiencing. In such company, these women do not react or waste their energies talking unnecessarily but in subtle ways contribute to each others well being.
Complaining, crying or whining to get attention is not something a female warrior does as she is aware that her daily life carries a purpose greater than her.


3. She knows instinctively that she has to get things done irrespective of her pain. Making the best use of her ‘ovulating companions‘ she recognizes how each are inspiring the other for movement.
Shakti is all about movement. Nature is cyclic and has ‘mood swings’. She is light and dark, day and night, cold and hot, sunny and gloomy, rainy and sultry, loud and silent, windy and still, all in one day. She is all about creation and destruction. In either forms she does so without having to talk about it or complain, because She knows it isn’t the end of the world but only a transformation.


What does the female warrior do during these hourly processes:
1. Recognize she is equally responsible for her companions well being as much as they are.
2. Encourage each other to eat, talk and workout together, looking out for sudden dip in energy of the other and moving to a different place to change the mood of the energy.
3. Making positive affirmations and ceasing any activity or engagements that causes physical, emotional or mental pain.
4. Personal spaces end up being established naturally and every act that follows is done in full awareness including eating. Some might even close their eyes and send healing through every morsel. When this happens Her body begins talking and suggesting what it wants to do.
5. She and her companions will not feel tired but will rest when needed.


Respect and be responsible of your own shakti. If you can’t be kind to it you can’t expect others to be kind to it. Remove unnecessary control from others and choose to not have it.

Practice this and you will find yourself being in love with every other shakti that has chosen the same and together we’ll be healing the planet.

It is our bodies syncing to our energies and our intentions waiting to manifest what we desire.

The ovum isn’t just something your body has to get rid off. It’s a life force. Create.

– Vajri ‪#‎motherspeaks‬ ‪#‎affairswiththeplanet‬ ‪#‎voices‬

(c) Reshma Valliappan 2016

p/s: This piece speaks of Shakti specifically in relation to a human body that has physical formations of all female genitalia experiencing monthly menstrual cycle. It is not written to undermine human bodies that do not experiencing menstrual cycles anymore, don’t have them or are purely male genitalia. I will cover those separately, as I write as I experience them.

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