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A Preface for 2016

My dear loves, I have been silent and not been writing much for a while. It has been important that the path choose me so and vice versa. The journey has been overwhelming but no less interesting and blessed with many learnings and teachings. My body and mind are going through constant processes all too often to prepare me for the next step and my next book and my next year – to which many of you are a part of.

I write this post as a reminder to myself again from a learning I have received from one mentor and through her’s and so on before her. I’ve been meaning to start my year in a way that is meaningful and therefore had to wait for it to present itself quite literally while I was cleaning my home. I opened up a parcel that had arrived for me while I was traveling and found this (just a small part of it really). And I must share it with you!:

1. Just reading and following without practice will in no way move you anywhere. PRACTICE and you will notice a shift in your baseline perceptions. You will begin to think differently about things.

2. Change comes when there is a need for change, a wish for change, a sustained effort to change, and courage to change. The most important ingredient for enlightenment is the heartfelt wish to be of BENEFIT to others.

3. Progress is not all tranquil and peaceful – it is one of DISCOVERY and REVELATION and it can be disturbing. Don’t be afraid; insights come as the mind gains the requisite skill to generate them and deal with them. The skill is grown from PRACTICE.

4. As you progress, be COMMITTED – strong and steady. Use your joy of discovery as the prod to keep you moving, not to slow down, never sit or take break.

5. The more you practice, even when you sleep, your dreams are filled with meditations and your mind is reviewing and puzzling over the teachings. If you are lucky enough to have found your teacher, whether awake or asleep, that person will fill your mind’s eye. You just need to look and the teacher is there…a vigilant conscience.

6. The people around you – especially the stinkers – become the best of friends of practitioners giving you the opportunities to meditate on the emptiness of the ‘I’.

7. When you want to be enlightened more than anything else in order to be of benefit to others, when you have access to perfect teachings and practice, you will be enlightened in that lifetime. Not until.

8. Commitment is not sudden for all. But when you begin, the feeling grows until it is so compelling, it overwhelms every other inclination.

9. Renunciation of this suffering state of cyclic existence, the wish to be of benefit to others more than to the self, and the wisdom that understands how things truly exist – in full measure, they become the cause for enlightenment.

Practice well. Practice now.

– Detong Choyin, Waking from the Dream.


3 thoughts on “A Preface for 2016

  1. Hi Reshma, My name is amy and I have schizophrenia.I stop taking anti psychotic medication bcos of the side effect. I am taking anti depression and side effect medicine. Its so good that u have recovered. My doctor told me I have to take injections and medication for the rest of my life.

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