Mental Health

Mental Health Day 2015 – be prepared

Hellos people.
10th October is World Mental Health Day.

I’ll be giving a yakathon at the Engineering College in Palakkad. After which I’ll be spamming your newsfeed on Facebook with Mental Health stories.

We’ve got a line up of interesting stuff since people only talk about Mental Health on this day of course because it is necessary to not talk about it the other 364 days.
It would really help that you follow some strict ground rules during this day which will make some of you nauseate, break down, feel bad, feel like you’ve got to wake up and do something about it.

REMEMBER this is your day to do that. Offer only valid on this day! So grab it as fast as you can cause you don’t want to miss the market supply of it.
It is mandatory that you spend every second of this day, that is 10th October 2015 ONLY talking about mental health stuff okay? After that you are FREE to not ever talk about it. Hide it. Bury it. Remain ignorant. Hide your family member away. Judge others. Bully em. Disrespect. Control and oppress the oppressed. Fight. Call names. Engage in drama and all the other ‘normal’ stuff.

REMEMBER you have 364 days to do all of this so asking you to dive into the bottomless pit of Mental Health isn’t going to be much to ask for since it won’t ever affect you until you walk out with a label and prescription (I don’t mean a clothing receipt for Armani or D&G).
And if you can read this – don’t ask me questions but spend some time doing your own research on what I’m talking about.
I’m feeling extra extra sarcastic this year.

Have a rhyme:

3 blind mice 3 blind mice
See how they run See how they run
One called Freud the other Jung
Third is Bleuler and his chums

3 blind mice See how they run
They all run after the Pharmas byte
Who cut them extras on every live
And drugs little kids out of spite
Did you ever see such a thing in your life
As a world filled with mice and lice
In human forms and health care norms
Of pseudo names and made up claims

3 blind mice…3 blind mice

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