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Shiv & Shakti

Bhairav is the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. His consort Bhairavi is no different than Goddess Kali.
As in all Hindu mythologies, the Shiv and Shakti are metaphorical. They exist within us. Like the Yin and Yang.  There is no ‘and’ – it’s truly just ShivShakti or YinYang…existing together.
Bhairav and Kali were born 11 full moons ago to a wandering frail mother who took shelter in another male’s home. He shared with her the comforts of love, care and luxury any friend would.
The twins borne of this small framed mother grew up in each others shadow. Every moment they spent were always together. If one wasn’t around the other would wail. Every meal was eaten together. Bhairav often would eat alone out of insecurity when his consort was out hunting.


Kali, like all females of her kind was a huntress. She would return hearing his wail and carry with her the young one of another kind. Their evenings were spent with her bringing him such gifts and long hours of play.

It didn’t matter what the season was they always had to return to the other. If it was cold, they would be found coiled together warming each other up. If it was hot they would be stretched apart yet in close proximity. If it was rainy and wet, they would watch the rain together.


It was always Kali taking the first step and encouraging Bhairav to try something new. To discover the world and not be afraid.


Kali had reached puberty and was learning fast. But she was yet the child of innocence unaware of the cruelty outside her cave. Bhairav is still growing.

Like all males of his kind – he spends time eating, playing and sleeping. His body growing large and beautiful made him look majestic and powerful giving him the necessary traits of pleasure, comfort and security he could offer his medium built slender consort Kali who provided him with the same.


They were inseparable.

Their eyes would scare most who feared their existence while amaze others who could see them for who they are.


There came a season of uncalled change. The climate had been chaotic, the environment confusing the habitat ruptured. Kali decided to wander away on her own while Bhairav remained asleep. No further than 30 feet away – a very loud shriek was heard. It was not a call. It was a fight.
Kali had been confronted with the very beings that were meant to be Bhairav’s mount. In her lone defence against 3 of them – she lost.
They got her by her neck and she laid there in bright green fearful eyes and an injured breast. Trickles of blood had oozed outside her heart.


Bhairav was no where to be seen…
But every moment when he awakens Bhairav lets out a cry sharper than before calling out to Kali – his twin – his consort – his other…
He gazes into the yonder waiting for her arrival with a gift. Awaiting their twilight play and the nights that are theirs.


He looks around and sees no return. He waits in the far distance for a friend and his mother his now companion comforts him and leads him into the twilight. His hunting will begin.


There will be a fear always. The fear of Bhairav losing his way…unable to find his shakti or the fear of him uniting with her while in search of her.

– Vajri

©Reshma Valliappan

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