Mental Health

Women & Mental Health – Patriarchal symptoms

Here is my next podcast. I haven’t been writing much as I have been so caught travelling, connecting and sharing with others – that I always believe in on the spur moments to capture the essence of it all.

My current sharing at the UN side-event on article 6 CRPD on Women with disabilities brought about many of my own past experiences. One important memory from boot camp which echoed a senior members’ experience of being institutionalized as a kid. I realized how much more deep and important are these stories and there is just so much to it than we are made to think or believe.

I also know and have understood without any doubt that the issues around women are global. There is no difference in how patriarchy has shaped the minds and experiences of women all over the world – East or West – it has been all the same.

But I am over-optimistic about life and change 🙂 so I hope I can offer the little I can as does all of us to each other.

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