My Commandments

To listen:

In writing:

  1. Many conversations can transpire in a day. Some will open your heart. Some will prick it to close it. Choose which conversation needs to go to bed with you.
  2. Love and pain can exist together. They often do as a reminder to choose where you wish to invest them.
  3. Life has a statistical pattern too. Focus on your top 5 feel good factors and carry them forward.
  4. It is okay to make mistakes and judge. Sometimes we do it unknowingly. We can judge from the inside too. Accept it can happen and that no one is flawless.
  5. You are not responsible for someone else’s perspective and understanding. It doesn’t matter if they get it or don’t.
  6. You don’t need to have all the answers people ask. They are capable of looking for their own. No one is incapable!
  7. There will be preachers. There will be leeches. There will be teachers. Pay attention.
  8. Start your day with magic so that it ends with one. Because it does exist.
  9. Attachment is okay if you follow through all of the above. The process is beautiful. Simply stay with it and let go when needed.
  10. Most importantly be kind to yourself first and always.
  11. AND If all else fails remember your teenage spirit ‘I don’t give a shit’ because everybodys shit stink.

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