Midnight Manifestations

Of warriors and love
Of samurais and geishas
Of combat and pleasures
Of wonderers and wanderers

If challenge is what drives you and the external world never seems enough then look within. If anxiety surfaces because something isn’t challenging anymore then it means it has lost it’s mojo on you.
Challenge lies in the reflection. If that is your mojo then be the challenge. Rise to your occasion. Be magic.

Love is a rebel. Rebellion is love. They draw you. You will always be drawn by them. There is nothing wrong with a rebel or a lover. These are parts feeling out of place. Feeling alone. A vacancy in the corridor of your heart. Feels like death. Meaningless and insignificant.
But if you pay attention you will catch a glimpse of your heart fighting it. Your heart wants to rebel. Your heart wants to love. And both are not cinderalla stories. They are hard work that builds your mojo.

It takes courage to confront the absurdities in life. We want to believe that love and freedom can conquer anything. Freedom is not about fighting a war with another. Freedom is recognizing that both comes from a place of aloneness. It is not about owning but finding one’s own sense of belonging in the world around you.

When this is understood you’ll be creating a masterpiece by just breathing.

(Summarizing the place from where I delivered my talk at the ‪#‎IEEESC‬ Kochi yesterday. I told a story of my running away, off freedom – 14 year olds – rebels – not giving shit – heart – belonging – change – being who you are…Though what I made of what I said is better put here)

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