Exploring Mental Health Through Creativity Workshop

I shall be travelling to Bangalore for more Red Door work!
A talk with the Fellows at Sochara.Org on the 24th of June.
Followed by another talk at Ashoka’s Office on the 25th to recruit participants for our workshop on the same evening.
After which we shall be temple visiting and on the 26th.
27th & 28th will have us joining Basic Needs Bangalore and getting to know each other.
I shall try and blog about it if I get the time in between all of this.
Otherwise you will have to wait for my return or follow my updates on Facebook!

We are on route to the city of Bangalore and shall be having our workshop on the 25th of June at Atta Galatta from 5pm – 8pm.

Do email us directly at theculturedculture@gmail.com to book your seats. For more information check this link: http://allevents.in/bangalore/exploring-mental-health-through-creativity-a-workshop/744240709020633

We are available for a 1 on 1, family or group session during the 24th  morning – 29th morning. Do mail us with your  details and phone number so we can get in touch with you!

Not to forget we are carrying our awesome goodies with us.

Peace & Colour

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