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Reviving lost voices in Mental Health

I think I’m going mad.
I must have gone mad.
I am mad.
I’ll be mad.
I could be mad.



Most have a problem with mad.
Some think mad is negative.
In betweeners find it lacks something and therefore exist.
But I love mad cause somebody’s gotta do it and I do it just fine!

SO let’s get one thing straight for all normally inclined people.
The laws of happiness and truth were preached and practiced by men. Ever asked a woman what SHE thinks is happiness and truth?
The laws of madness and normalcy were founded by men. Ever dug up history to see if it even was possible for a woman to define things?
Why tell me I am NOT mad? It only says that you have a problem with it not me.
Why negate mad when it is all around us? It is the only thing actually universally present in every person – The relationship of being mad in this world.

Why tell me to feel better and not say it? I’m not interested in your pity or sympathy. I’m really more than comfortable in my skins of madness. 
I believe that those who are not insulted or defensive about the mad in them have simply accepted the truth about it. And only mad people can do that.

This is why i work in the area of mental health and founded my own organization because it is time the world hears the neigh from the horses mouth and not the stable owner. You can read about it by CLICKING HERE

On this note my book is now available as an e-book for those outside of India! I will be visiting the city of Bangalore on the 23rd of June if you would like to have a book reading!

Here is the link to the online version: CLICK HERE

I hope many individuals and caregivers who understand the many hidden layers of mental health, care, discrimination, alternate realities, experiences, creativity and spirituality would join hands with me on this. The Red Door is set to become a global movement where I work with local communities to identify what they can do in their spaces by recognising what they already have instead of bringing in something new that would cost more. We do quite a lot of stuff which cannot really be defined as every group we have worked with has been different – with different needs to be addressed – political, cultural, social, economical, religious, spiritual, racial…and the never ending list of human diversity.

If you got the time and you got the passion, sensitivity and openness – you just got to get in touch with us. We are working towards self-sustainable business models as livelihood does = better mental health recovery. ( It is not about the amount of dollars but the way in which is it received)

2 thoughts on “Reviving lost voices in Mental Health

  1. I’m really enjoying your book, which I downloaded from I so appreciate your honesty and think it will go a long way in addressing people’s misconceptions. I love your strength of character. My mom had paranoid schizophrenia and tried hard to fit in which caused her a lot of stress. I often wished we lived in a more tolerant time or place, so she and our family didn’t have to face so much prejudice. Keep up the great work and I would love to join in the movement in whatever capacity you could use me.

    1. Thank you Amy. I guess tolerance is about us finding our own spaces which exist in different ‘planes’ which is how the universe connects us in its own way for our own course. Though I do wish many accounts and experiences can be reversed in real time where suffering and pain would not have had to exist. Then again you & I would not have connected then.
      I believe inspiration and encouragers are those who might not have lived to tell their stories but they fought a battle which has opened up doors for others in the following generation. And I am grateful to these souls – your mother being one such followed by the same blood line. 🙂
      Will connect with your over the movement work soon! Peace & Colour

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