ValResh + TheRedDoor merchandizes are now available!

As aware to many – I sustain my Mental Health work by selling my art – which has not been reaching out to many.

But it’s time I make some of them affordable on products you can use. The proceeds all go to keep my work done under The Red Door.
Most designs are not repeated again and they do hold artist/writer copyrights – so you are getting a ValResh/ReshmaValliappan product.

1. Place your orders by directly mailing with the name of the product (you’ll find the name with the image)

2. Provide your Full name, Delivery address, and Phone number.

3. Once sent through courier – Payment options with your confirmation will be given to you through email.

Some of the these products don’t have their price listed as they are only available under TheRedDoor membership (details will be given soon so you will want to watch that space)

Facebook link:

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