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The Madness Magazine

Madness: The Cultured Culture < – click this

MTCC is an e-zine that addresses issues of ‘madness’ or more appropriately said ‘mental illness’ or more politically correct’; psycho-social disability’. It focuses more on creative streaks of various people living with mental illness, their caregivers and other contributors, along with addressing mental health/illness issues through various academic contributions. This is the introductory issue, with room for more change and improvement depending on various sensitive areas that would arise. Creative art works are solely the copyright of the artists involved – some names not being mentioned. If need arises to use, re-use their work kindly get in touch with MTCC.

In the first year (2013) a free issue was circulated among friends and families to see how the response would be. Someone then suggested turning it into a paid subscription. In the second year (2014) – MTCC got published at at Rs.184/- (annual subscription of 2 issues). We realized that we weren’t reaching out much.

This is the 3rd year we are in. The aim of this e-zine is intended to create revenue for the work done under Mind ArcsThe Red Door .

We would like to increase our reach and hope to create a growing list of subscribers so that our work can continue to grow. Those of you on my list who have expertise and experience in this area: marketing, building audience, improving content, etc , do please get in touch with me directly so that I can send you a complimentary copy and you can have a look at both issues.

But to others who would love to subscribe to MTCC – you know where to click!

Peace & Colour!


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