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Truth About Mental Health

TAMH is an on going series that looks at everyday anecdotes of living with mental illness.
I personally don’t believe in the label ‘mental illness’. I believe that there is an experience that can’t be explained in regular language. I believe that I have a creative illness and hence the only treatment for it is creativity.
This series is done in combination of work under The Red Door to raise awareness of the same and question these ‘mental illnesses’.

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You are free to share the work as long as you respect my creative rights as the world wide web does not protect artist. The clip arts used are not my original creation but I have modified them using a free app. The modification is of course my own and so are the anecdotes.

If you are an organization in the area of mental health or you like my work – you are welcome to use the pieces for your work. Do let me know though, so I could refer your organization here.

If you would like to have the prints…well get in touch with me. I am working towards it. Follow my site for further updates or my Facebook Page.

3 thoughts on “Truth About Mental Health

  1. Great work! You have really done a great job of capturing the essential struggles of someone coping with a mental illness. As someone working in the field, thank you for your efforts!

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