Consensus of Norms

We don’t fight for WHAT is right anymore. We are fighting for WHO is right.
We don’t BELIEVE because we have FAITH. We believe because everyone seems to believe the same thing. It’s a DELUSION of masses.

We can’t clamp on to our JUSTIFIED true beliefs because knowledge CHANGES every day.
We can’t know a fact as the only TRUTH. It is the existing state in which we have become the resident of to what we THINK we know.

We won’t agree until there is a fire-starter. We are still CONSTRUCTIONS of a herd complex.
We won’t disagree until another COMPLEX becomes everyone’s ego PROJECTION.

We have learnt to buy a WARRANTY for our egos so that we can choose to look at things which are only pleasant. That which is not must be ignored at all cost for the sake of our sanity and peace. But our hands have slapped someone before and our shit does stink. This is very real.
We speak of systems that we don’t like but we make our own and implement them. We force it down the throats of others if we have the means to do so.

Our larynx is a PASSAGE meant to help us sustain our bodies but has become the gift of the GAB. Our mouth is the opening for everything we kill ourselves with along with creating opera-tic procedures to hurt another.

Our vision jumps for a CAUSE but we don’t see what we have been causing.

Our listening is MANIPULATED by what we think we should hear and not what is really VOICEd.

Our life force was meant to BREATHE not to EXHALE that which has not been inhaled.

Our feelings need to be TOUCHED but not HARVESTED for symptomatic pleasures.

Human pleasures cannot be sought through cruelty or slyness. It can be given only after one has inhaled the same air of another. Try living the moment where two lips can meet and be apart without being A PART.

Breathing to live cannot be bought by a tank or fought at a bank. It exists in the same space as each one of us does. Speak what is needed not what is wanted.

To see the truth of the reality of someone else’s life does not require one to have a good eye sight or to be educated. Attach oneself to a foundation of perceptions that change before the blink of your own eye.

Belief because faith is beyond given knowledge but have the wisdom to be open to other beliefs. There is no standardized faith for one who can read and one who cannot. The day we stop believing that people can be different is the day we have stopped believing in ourselves. There is no good or no bad. There just is what is – that of becoming.

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