The earth has enough food to feed every human and animal. We know that.
Yet starvation and malnutrition exist.
Yet we eat more than our bodies are made for and kill more than is required. What we have ourselves called ‘The Circle of Life’ is replaced by more crop, more growth, forced hormone changes, bigger land, bigger plates, bigger servings, and extras.
We love it when we get that extra FREE serving.
But we crib when our pants don’t fit.

Then we share the same status on Being Healthy or Eating Healthy and post all over a social networking site not because we really follow it.
But because it boost our ego when we have found the coolest link or post to share and we love it when our friends and followers click the like button or leave a comment behind.
But that is just for a day or two.

We continue to crib that our pants don’t fit and our next post is going to be about ‘How I need to lose weight’ ‘Does anyone know a good trainer?’.
We spend all that time searching for good trainers, googling the who’s who, looking for the best and fastest way to lose weight or burn those unwanted toxins away. Then we sit another day talking about all the coolest gym and people. Then we buy clothes to pump our motivation.
Clothes we don’t need.
We begin our hunt for discounts.
Why? Cause we got to look cool at gym don’t we?
Who knows who might be checking us out?!
And we find that sale ‘Buy one get one FREE’ and we just have to go there.
We drive it for the sale and spend hours trying out stuff.
Then we meet our friend for coffee & cake and we scream ‘Wow look a free offer for 2. Buy one drink get the second drink for your friend FREE’.

We have enrolled in gym but can’t show up cause we were too wasted the previous night.
We then feel bad and show up a couple of days after we have liked to believe we really did have a bad hangover and hence could not work out.

The rest of the month we spend time posting about how guilty and upset we are that we haven’t gone back to gym.
And we seek for ‘I know how you feel’ boosters. By the end of the 30th comment that took place over an hour or a day or couple of days we conclude that we have been VERY BUSY.
Then we look for quick fix diets, starvation models, get a pet hoping we’ll get to walk with our new pup BUT the entire body just starts hurting so much that we can’t walk anymore.

So we visit the doctor.
Who tells us what our problem is and prescribes a set of painkillers with some advice on exercising and changing our diet.
We do it for a week maybe. Then when the pain subsides we return to our hunt for ‘Being Healthy’.

The world has enough love to travel across oceans and spaces and every heart.
Yet we are in pain. We see pain. We talk about it. We talk about doing something about it. We want to help someone else.
We write about it. We listen to lectures on it. We draw inspiration from it.
Yet they are in pain.
Yet there are afflictions of the mind, cruelty of the body and broken souls.

Then we post cute adorable love videos between a cat and dog.
We sit and like and comment and talk.
We buy awesome books on love and listen to ‘Laws of Attraction’ or Deepak Chopra encounters or Chicken Soup or The Secret, or some amazing Ted Talk.
We suddenly share music videos and songs about love and pain, joy and sorrow.
We spend a few days in this new adventure connecting with someone new on ‘OMG that’s exactly how I feel!’ ‘I love you for knowing my music.
Of course we can spend our entire day trying to spread this FREE form of love. It’s on Google.

Yet the next moment we are hurting someone.
And we sit hunting for love.
Before our own souls break.
And we see a doctor hoping he can solve our worries out.
Another set of prescriptions and advice.
We pop the pill but leave behind the advice. After all it is FREE and no one likes FREE ADVICE.
But we do give FREE PAIN.

The world has enough love to go around to heal and cure every being.
But we like receiving ANYTHING especially cause it is FREE!

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