A Wake Up Call

I woke up this morning with a plan in my head as to how I am going to be spending the rest of the day.

But then I stumbled upon an article that was shared on a social networking site and it just distresses me.
It worried me because people are not opening their eyes. It’s almost as if they choose ignorance because they do not want to confront their own guilt or hidden fears. Whatever their reasons are is the reason I have come to believe that majority of them are cowards.
And this might enrage a number of people out there – but that is not my problem.

My problem is when people can sit back, read about stuff, talk about them as if they care, and then forget all about it. The limelight is the only thing on their mind. I wonder if they have spot lights wherever they walk and hence the need to do what they do.

There is no justification that any psychologist can give when they insist that labelling is necessary for them and others to understand their condition.
Or practitioners who think there are no other ways.

In fact many people do understand what is happening within them but they just need a little help and a listening ear to help them give words to their experience and not a freaking label! But we have equated such professionals to Gods and they themselves have a pseudo-God complex where what they say and do is the ultimate and only truth or way. It is such an irony that we get treated for having such complexes though.

I have many friends who are in both fields. My own doctors or therapist have thankfully been lovely people who do care and do allow me to engage in a debate with them if I need an answer. But these again are a minority group who are good at what they do and hence no one really talk about them and they probably don’t either because such people have no reason to feel threatened by what I need to say because they have given me a sense of security of myself. With such a bond that is formed there is nothing to fear or to feel inadequate about.

The truth is I don’t give a damn to those who don’t obviously have a heart. To those who get into the field because ‘Oh it’s so cool’ to be a psychologist. It’s the ‘selling career’ cause every person on earth is having a problem or issue to deal with.
This is why WE are no more humans. We are a market for other humans. We are commodities. We give them a reason to keep continuing a business and not a reason of meaning and life; to the extent their greed has opened the market to toddlers.
Prescribing these drugs to 2 year olds??? They must be out of their minds. And we are the ones called mad???

Read this link:

Dear friends in India, as we sit and watch the elections or anti-gay rights bill and people go about their daily life, this industry is your biggest enemy cause here is where the money is.
To reiterate what many have been saying :
“377 is just one section in the Indian Constitution and everyone thinks it is the end of life. It just a wave of what the law and system is and can do. What people should be really worried about is the Hurricane called Mental Health cause it starts even before a child is born.”

And I am quite upset to see how there is so much support when it comes to love but there is almost no support or forward movements when it comes to Mental Health; something every single person experiences every single day.
Don’t get me wrong – I do have many queer friends and I am queer too but LGBT issues is not my battle. Cause globally there is more than enough supporters for this movement. The psychiatric oppression is beyond people’s imagination hence many think we make things up.

I really wonder what twisted conscience people live their lives with. This is a wake up call to see the truth and not pass it off as ‘too depressing so I won’t do anything about it.’
I honestly have come to believe the world comprises of cowards and people who just talk and have a justification for their decisions to not do something.

As many have quoted before: Evil prevails not because it is strong but because good people don’t do anything about it and watch it happening.’

The ones who keep at it are those who have been asking for their lives which were robbed from them. And these individuals are still at it after decades trying to get people to understand the dirt. And no they don’t have the luxury you do, or the benefits you think they might have. And they don’t do it because they need to be on tv shows or they want compensations. They do it so that the next generation does not have to go through what they did.

I am ashamed that we don’t bother making that effort to acknowledge these individuals until of course something happens to you or your loved one.

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