Rapists’ with benefits


The Importance of Being Schizo – Act I SCENE I
Location: Hell Broke Lose
Enter: The Schizophrenist

When I first put my right leg forward on the mental health advocacy platform here, I thought it was going to be a marvelous show! Lights, cameras, actors, music, dance; costumes, audiences and a whole lot of action (replay)…the list was endless. How exciting no?

But to the dismay of my so called future predictions and telepathic powers it wasn’t at all what I saw. Actually the first half was pretty true – I was no bluff…it just was not exciting as I thought I saw it.
Imagine being able to be mad and get paid for it? How awesome was my life going to be by just being me! I could be the next Dexter in real time. I could channelize my psychotic symptoms of wanting to torture people and throw them to the sharks leaving no prove behind. And if I were to get caught – I’ll just use my ‘Sorry, the voices told me to do it’ OR ‘Sorry, my alter ego did it…I don’t remember’ OR simply plead insanity since that is the perfectly what I am.

NO WAIT. That isn’t as realistic a plea compared to saying ‘I am SCHIZOPHRENIC’.

Yes, that is what I’ll do. I’ll tell them I am schizophrenic. Cause you see when people see someone running about trying to kill someone or drive a vehicle into others, nobody shouts ‘Oh look a DEPRESSED’ OR ‘Oh look a BIPOLAR DISORDERED’ OR ‘OHHH LOOK a PERSONALITY DISORDER’. They shout ‘Oh Shit must be SCHIZOPHRENIC!’

Almost half of them are WELL DRESSED thugs with super cool styles like our movie stars here, flipping a cigarette in one hand and throwing a knife with the other and the other half are rapists in suits and the other half are overworked underpaid bus drivers living on country liquor and chewing tobacco to keep them awake while their bosses are watching porn or in some dance bar returning home drunk only to beat their wives’ up for not having their meal on time.

This country could use a schizophrenic like me especially since we are blamed for everything OUT THERE that takes place while we are INSIDE living as ZOMBIES. See I did say we had quantum leaping powers – no one believed me and thought I was talking crazy. How else could any of us commit such horrid crimes by being indoors, locked up in our rooms and our own heads? Obviously we are mutants in the making.

On the other hand these fellows – well you know the guys who trash vulnerable women and children around, then mutilate their bodies, then stick up all sort of things in their reproductive organs and rupture their insides, then stab them with cigarettes, tie them with chains, beat their friend who might be around, MUST OBVIOUSLY have some mental illness according to society. And ‘THE’ mental illness they would most probably be glamorized with would be Schizo – sounds more cooler or Sociopath, Psychopath, Delusional yak or something on those lines.

BUT the difference in the labeling they get and the labels given to those with an ACTUAL mental illness (another debate there) is the following:
1. WE the so called zombies of the planet disorderly have no legal capacity. THEY the proven rapist and abusers have full legal capacities.

2. WE get discriminated at work, WE do not get a say about our treatment, WE do not get education privileges and IF we do we are going to be asked to provide a ‘fitness certificate’ – that we shall not be a threat to others or ourselves (while one of the professor’s can take a peep and leech at a girl’s breast).

3. OUR marriages can be held void and our insanity gives our spouse every reason to divorce us and the court will approve since WE ARE CRAZY and while they are busy sorting our lives out WE are busy receiving ‘thunder bolts of lightning very VERY frightening’ and be sedated for half or all of our lives.
BUT THOSE fellows – they get jobs, they get interviews, they get special scholarships for best performance over whatever it is they are performing, they can attend court without chains on their feet if they have a divorce case going on.

4. Oh and how can I forget – they DO GET INSURED for their health.

I remember when my father told me to not say a word to the insurance agent who was visiting me at the hospital a day before I was to undergo a brain surgery for the removal of my tennis ball sized tumour. Our family friend who worked as an insurance agent before, told my father to not mention that I have schizophrenia or any other mental illness as they would not let me apply for insurance in the first place.

No wonder my conscience was killing me – I had to lie.

5. But the rapist has ALL benefits. He doesn’t even need to lie to get those benefits.

I know I shouldn’t be talking about a RAPIST in such defaming manner. In fact I should be the better person here. Turn into Buddha and chant for the light to shine upon their souls and hope they understand their karma…well I can get my mom to do that given she’s the Buddhist in the family. I am no Buddhist. I am The Schizophrenist – a religion of my own.

Besides during the rape case in Delhi and the many other rape cases that had more numbers rise compared to the Bombay Stock Exchange, EVERYONE on FACEBOOK and other social networking sites were talking about it.
There were some Godlike beings who prayed for the rapists’ soul to help them pass through this life. They were others who preached Gandhian laws of ‘Ahimsa’ and non-violent strategies to solve the problem only to have the authorities shoot water at them during their Peaceful Protest.

But that didn’t stop any rape.

Then there were smart asses like me, the once who allowed our rage and anger to dictate our expressions and said ‘Off with their balls!’ (After I had made a visit to The Queen of Hearts with Alice in her Wonderland). But of course – no problem gets solved with violence as history shows us in the case of Gandhi and Martin Luther. They were pretty ok with violence inflicted on them though, but that’s not my point.

No doubt all women should be ok with someone torturing her and violating every inch of her body, mind and soul – cause face it – as written and blogged by many others – women ask for it.

These groups of ‘victims’ spend their entire lives healing. Some don’t ever heal. Some end up with a said mental illness. And then their rights get taken away from them. BUT their perpetrators walk away. The VERY people who tortured them get to watch television, get visitors, get books, get to run around the large premises and play games or indulge in jail fights – they even get books written about them. Media publicizes them! Gives them a crowning glory to come out and feel sorry for their crime. Saints and god men say ‘They are human too and God loves everyone’.

It is funny that when I said I saw Christ and the Devil talking to each other – they called me blasphemous and said I needed to take my meds.

So give me that knife and those immortal weapons of destruction like the Goddesses in Hindu mythology. Give me a list of people that need to be hunted down and killed or tortured. I’ll get away with it and call it DOUBLE JEOPARDY.

Thank you for calling me names and labeling me. Thank you for taking away all my rights and making me look like a monstrous iconic symbol for centuries. My hysterical laughter can shatter glasses and windows faster than Pavarotti. My alien writings that you can’t understand and call word salads are secret codes more perplexing than Da Vinci’s.

Mad Hatter saw many cheaters
Winter eaters for pudding and pies
Kept all for themselves and didn’t want to share
Until the rats showed up and chewed up their stock
Left with nothing they called Piper
Who said ‘I do not play anymore’
And rejected their offer
Greed caught up
Their loss was too much
Those who had none
Lived an empty loss
Nothing to gain but something to give
A warm heart and some bread crumbs
But they were instead mocked
Power brokers rushed on time
Yet had time to sip some wine
But no spine and egos that whined
The pig came alive
Squealed and had some fun
As the power brokers
Were broke of fun

2 thoughts on “Rapists’ with benefits

  1. A powerfully written with great earth shaking emotion as I can relate..women r looked at as sex objects..u look at a magazine or t.v. an what do u see..women half dressed or girls showing by modeling undergarments.. What does that say to men..that we want to be tortured raped molested or abused..society an the film industry demoralizes women an girls constantly an if u r disabled an Can’t work so.en r taken or forced to be in the sex trade to survive..or our children taken an put into a home full of pedifiles or molesters or drugatticks..have gone tthrough so much I could eat my so ial workers words as it never ended how sick an unable I am to do or be a part of..its all such a political ploy to control the so called inflicted or insa n e an all the other labels u mentioned.. Life is not about fareness its about who can do what for who or how much money one can get from u..were herded into these groups..surprised they haven’t put labels attached to our ears like cattle..oh an if u speak out an arn’t in a conformed state u get four or five point restrained an left to willow in your dreams an tears for help as the workers rape or laugh a n touch u while u plead an beg for the torture to end or while being beaten ..burned..stabbed an left for dead because u tried to speak your mind or even ask a question from an abusive husband..boyfriend..stranger or family member..yes it is disgusting how there lives pursue on an the rest r left named for life physically or mentally..the things that go on behind closed doors should abolish doors from those that abuse behind them..a then there r the ones whom will not stop at or behind the door..its called society in its open view moments an we the ones whom have some attached stigma of a mental health issue like u said Reshma..a ding da n g shame for I say an believe “off with ur balls”.. in my imaginary Alice in wonderland also accepted ..hmm I wonder what will be said now..maybe off will all the labels an stigma..an put the true psychopaths whom have no emotion truly off with your head Luke it used to be..an eye for an eye..I am just a subsidary person so what I think or feel guess doesn’t matter..guess what though we whom have those stigmas an labels r the ones whom became Picasso’s an Van Gogh’s or Einstein’s an the list goes on an even the greatest actors.. poets ..an all the great inventors..so we truly r of importance an our thoughts an words of change r making a difference..they that seem to control the world just don’t know it yet but the word is out..~peace..light an selflessness

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