Return of the mime



October 2013.

Mercedes Benz International School, Pune.

Ski performing on the song Imagine by John Lennon.

Ski was and is a figment of everyone’s imagination. Ski is a figment of Ski’s own imagination. There was and is no gender for Ski. Some called Ski a ‘he’ when there were certain movements or antics that came across as being masculine in nature. Some thought Ski to be a ‘she’ when there were certain movements that were very feminine in nature. However, it was very important for Ski to remain on both sides of the gender spectrum yet maintain it’s own Self. When asked if Ski was a boy or a girl, Ski simply said ‘It’. Though the word ‘It’ carried a negative meaning to many others – it only made Ski enact itself even further. What was the need to know the gender? Wasn’t the performance more important in knowing the identity or the gender of Ski?

Ski’s first attempt at performing in Pune was to understand the type of audience the city had. To understand the responses and reactions many people carried or assumed about a mime. Many thought Ski was scary. Many equated a mime to a clown. No doubt there are certain similarities there lies many differences that are left unknown.

A clown always has color. A mime lives in a reality of black and white and the various shades of it. These shades allow the creation of illusion to be enhanced a lot more compared to that of a clown. It’s a paradox a mime has to play with to portray the illusion of the real world and the illusion the people of the real world think the mime lives in.

A clown uses props. A mime does not. A mime uses every facial muscle and body language to communicate to others.

After Ski’s performance, many kids approached Ski with their teenage hormonal drives that mostly had a lot of violence with ‘Let’s kill the mime’. Unfortunately, violence is not something a mime engages in at all. It is a serious existence to live in an irony to what it portrays.

There are rules of thumb for every mime – however it depends on the individual mime. The make up is the most important part of the dress code. Some tend to strictly use horizontal or vertical striped shirts – although each mime develop their own styles.

As a mime TOUCH is not practiced. Ski personally does not like to be touched nor physically touches anyone. This keeps in mind the first rule of thumb in mime – to communicate in silence, which might seem easy but one has to practice the art of silence for hours during a performance. To be observant and to be able to adapt one’s act and manipulate every movement and gesture is not as simple as it appears yet keeping in mind ‘no speech’.

Clowns tend to ‘goof’ around, though a mime can do so too – the act of ‘goofing’ around has an element of serious communication. Like in any form of art there is an individual style to what a mime wishes to act or portray and this depends on the skit the mime is practicing. A lot of stamina is required to maintain a certain balance, to keep a certain pose such as sitting on an imaginary chair and having a conversation, the exaggeration of every muscle does require the contraction and release of muscles that can sometimes damage the muscle tissue if a warm up is not done before the actual act. This is quite similar as it is in sports. There is a danger when tensing of the muscle happens and a sudden release of it takes place. Audience often do not notice these minute details that are involved.

Ski found itself after being inspired by the movie ‘Alegria’. It is about a mime named Frank who deals with depression.

Much like many known comedians such as Jim Carrey, Ski realized the painted face offered a different reality. Whether it was masking of Ski’s true emotions or an illusion reflected by the world around – it was indeed quite the same. With this perspective in mind, Ski decided to use mime as another step of re-enacting elements of reality, delusions, and make believe. If Ski is a figment of imagination then the mirror offers the similar perception to those who think Ski is a separate self. If imagination is required to convey the very elements of Ski’s imagination, then likewise it would convey everybody’s imagination and emotion.

The unknown is a fear zone for anyone. Therefore it is of no doubt that people often are afraid by a mime and some are simply curious. Ski simply lives this unknown self without the other self knowing it is being lived. The nativistic perception which the audience are not conscious about is perhaps what triggers their hidden emotions and their own states of unaddressed realities leaving an open door which can be difficult to walk into. Ski is an archetype of it’s other. A carved metaphor to live itself.

“If you have no voice, Scream.

If you have no legs, Run.

If you have no hope, Create.

What if anything IS POSSIBLE?”

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    1. Hi Shain. I just noticed this comment. I apologise for not having stumbled on it earlier. Been having issues with my ancient laptop which does not let me access WordPress. Thankfully I can access it through my phone.
      Thank you very much for the reblogging.
      Will connect with you on twitter!
      Peace & Colour,

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