Come and grab your monsoon offer on a canvas print of my art works.

The first 5 buyers will get 20% off.
The second 5 will get 15% off.
The third 5 will get 10% off.
And the last 5 will get 5% off.

All you got to do is choose any piece of art work from the album ‘Monsoon offer prints’:
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.704629576218218.1073741832.488718761142635&type=3 )

Leave a comment over the image that you have chosen with the size you want.
(Sizes range from 6″ X 6″ to 20″ X 30″)

Sizes will depend upon the type of art, ie. square or rectangle.
Prices will be at $100 – $150, depending on size of print.
Shipping cost included for orders within India.
Shipping cost for any other country will vary as per courier charges.

Proceeds of the sale will go towards helping me rent out a studio space in order to be able to paint more.
Check my note ‘The difficulty in being an oil painter’:
https://www.facebook.com/notes/val-resh/the-difficulty-in-being-an-oil-painter/704647262883116 )

If you don’t wish to purchase do help me promote the sale by simply sharing this event in your network. My imaginary friend might just be helping you out at something 🙂

Peace & Color!


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