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My interview with NDTV about my book Fallen, Standing

Memoir on Schizophrenia Blog link:

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Truth About Mental Health

TAMH is an on going series that looks at everyday anecdotes of living with mental illness. I personally don’t believe in the label ‘mental illness’. I believe that there is … Continue reading

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Depression? Let’s talk

This is a piece I wrote for The Pioneer, New Delhi. Though nothing is ‘new’ about my thoughts anymore and what I write and say is expected 🙂 Original article … Continue reading

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What do you think love is?

14th February, 2017. The highlight in most people’s lives and the question that has more answers than any other: What is love? I’ve been going through my own churning, with … Continue reading

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Experience and review by a mother

“Within a few chapters I was not only completely switching sides but also altering my responses as a teen’s mom simultaneously.
Reshma writes with so much passion that her articulation blew my mind. So abstract and complex her feeling or point of view, so fluid oozing into my cognizance and making absolute sense in there, I felt like it was being transmitted to me via some alien technology”

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Has society made boys emotionally disabled?

What work do you do in school?someone asked. In short I work with the heart. It’s all about the heart, I said. In one of our TRD club sessions in … Continue reading

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Are you a fan or a label?

Someone who read my book tweeted this to me and it made sense of my entire week! @val_resh you you — Swati (@Stweeder) January 28, 2017 That doesn’t happen … Continue reading

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Do you navigate, walk or run?

As always I do many things, so I am sharing a Facebook post to begin this blogpost: Do you navigate your life by the ego or the heart? The heart … Continue reading

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Who is Kylie and who is Me?

My writing has changed for this first month of 2017. I can’t promise you that this will not change again. Nevertheless, here’s the conversation between Kylie & Me which I … Continue reading

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Friends to celebrate!

In 2013, I wrote an article ‘On being normal‘ which was the same piece that got the attention of my publisher Ritu Menon of Women Unlimited/Kali for Women. This article … Continue reading

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My last post for 2016!

My last post for 2016

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How do we understand Healing?

Healing isn’t some magic that happens where a fairy touches you with a wand and makes everything goes away. Healing is not recovery either.

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